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TT Seminar Series – The Latest Research on Concussions

On Saturday, August 20th Boris will be leading our third seminar series on the topic of concussion research, diagnostic methods, treatment and return to play.
There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to protocols, treatment and awareness of concussions specifically when it comes to concussions in the team sport setting.

TT Coach Boris, a recent graduate from the Queen’s University Kinesiology program will be presenting on his upcoming research while completing his masters in Neuroscience with the Queens University CNS (Centre for Neuroscience Studies).

Boris’s upcoming research will entail using robotic technology to characterize and quantify cognitive and sensorimotor deficits in varsity athletes having received a concussion
The Following topics will be discussed:
What is a concussion?
Dangers of concussion Trauma
Early Consequences.
Second Impact Syndrome
Sub-concussive Blows
What can you do?
How to Recognize a Concussion
Current Diagnostic Methods
Recovery and Return to Play
How Many is Too Many?
concussion 2
We expect a large group in attendance so we ask that you please register in advance for this seminar by filling out the registration form below. The seminar will take place at the studio and will start at 10:30am.
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