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Owner/Director Taylored Training Fitness BAH (Sociology), FIS, PTS, Precision Nutrition Level 1, ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist

5 Reasons for Mom’s to Stay Healthy During this Time

Happy Mother’s Day!     If you’re like me, these days have been a little busier and a lot more interesting as a Mom!  Pandemic life minus daycare and regular visits with the grandparents has been challenging but also fun as I have been spending more time than ever with ...

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6 Tips For Staying Healthy during this Pandemic

1. Daily Exercise & Movement Don’t worry about “crushing yourself” to the point of total exhaustion every workout, but we do recommend daily fitness training. Endless burpees and plyometrics isn’t the answer. Make sure you are using a full body movement based training program ***I know one if you are ...

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Move better. Feel better.

  Are you feeling a little tight, stiff and sore these days? Maybe you find that after the first hour or two spent at your desk you are ready for a stretch?   Don’t worry. We understand! That’s why we created a new resource for you to add some movement ...

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Preparing for your big day with pelvic floor physiotherapy

Being pregnant, especially for the first time, is exciting, confusing and complicated! Your body goes through so many unique changes that it can be overwhelming.   Many of the women we see in our clinic post delivery don’t know that there are many options and avenues to prepare for the ...

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Do unto yourself.

Your daughter expects you to pick her up from school at four o’clock. When it’s almost time to leave, you decide, ‘I don’t feel like it today’. It’s been a busy week with a lot going on. You grab some food and scroll through your social media feed and don’t ...

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Shoulder pain and what you need to know!

Problem: Shoulder Impingement   Shoulder impingement (often called rotator cuff impingement) is a broad term that describes a number of possible conditions at the shoulder.   Because of this, shoulder impingement can look different for each person both in terms of symptoms experienced and treatment necessary.   Generally speaking, shoulder ...

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How to keep motivated when you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon.

As a veteran fitness coach of over 20 years this is probably the question that is both asked of me and intrigues me the most when it comes to fitness. We have many members who have trained with us for multiple years and now commit 2 or more times a ...

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Coach Vanessa is training for her next big event!

After training for a fitness show, then strong man competitions then powerlifting competitions, I am now training for my next big event in September – the birth of my first child! While I was so excited to learn about my pregnancy and we have successfully trained numerous Moms to be ...

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Lose weight and improve you brain health

Could there be one more reason to start eating a better diet? The latest research is saying a resounding, yes! A new study published in Neurology suggests that people who eat healthy diets may have larger brain volumes. The study asked more than 4,000 older people in the Netherlands (average age: 66) ...

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