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Semi-Annual Health Assessments

Semi-Annual Health Assessments

Starting at a young age we plan our bi-annual dental visits in order to take the best care of our teeth and help prevent the risk for future dental pain and issues.

Why don’t we dedicate the same commitment to our strength, fitness, flexibility and overall movement?

What if you could lower your risk for future injuries, learn how to move better, learn how to incorporate strategies to become more flexible, increase grip strength, functional strength and cardiovascular fitness?

Our Physical therapy team has a unique set of skills when it comes to preventative assessment, treatment and care. Your movement is critical for your health and wellbeing today and in the years ahead of you. By assessing how you move we can give you a better insight into how you can improve upon your movement and fitness to decrease your risk for future injury, help you feel better, move better, train better, play your sport better and live better.

The truth is, as a society we simply do not move as well as we could. Even for those who train and workout regularly, often we still have to spend hours at a computer, at a desk, and in our cars.  This modern day lifestyle has changed our movement and locomotive patterning. Over our years of practice we have seen an steady increase in muscle imbalances that affect how our patients move and therefore how they feel on a day to day basis. Our lifestyles create mobility restrictions which then leads to to compensatory patterns to hand on to our limited mobility and movement.

This is why we offer our semi-annual health assessment; a check-in, similar to your regular dental check up, to help you optimize the movement and health of your entire body.  We even delve into your nutrition, your stress level and your sleep because preventative healthcare is the best approach!



Why Get a Health Assessment?

Let’s talk about your movement. The way you twist, bend and move your body has a dramatic affect on the way you feel.

Assessing your overall movement under the care and direction of our Physiotherapy team can tell us if there is a dysfunction through pain, imbalance, instability, or mobility restrictions. By assessing your movement patterning we can pinpoint a potential problem, potential source of injury, or potential source of pain – all of which means you can get back to feeling better, sooner!

Movement is good for us but can also hurt us if done incorrectly. Working with our physical therapy team twice a year can help you improve your resilience and prevent your aches, pains, soreness as well as decreasing your risk for injury.

It is time to stop being reactive about injuries and start being proactive!






What’s Included In the Assessment?

Your assessment begins with a full FMS (functional movement screen) to evaluate your movement patterning and identify weak links or asymmetries that can lead to poor form, functional limitations or put you at risk for injury.

The assessment continues with a further look into your mobility and flexibility.

The following strength and fitness measures are also tested including: grip strength, core strength (both dynamic core stability and endurance), shoulder and pelvic stability as well as lower body power and acceleration.

The final component of the test is a timed fitness drill to capture your speed and agility using multidirectional movement and footwork patterning.

*Note modifications are given depending on your needs.

Based on your total scores and your health questionnaire which includes nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress self-assessments) our team will provide you with a full strategic report and plan for the next 6 months.


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