Physiotherapy mixed with Personal Training

  • Have you ever stretched a muscle only to feel tight a half-hour later?
  • Do you find some exercises challenging due to a lack of flexibility?
  • Do you feel stiff from sitting all day at work?

Most everyone will answer yes to at least one of these questions and the reason is that lifestyle factors cause us to maintain certain positions for long periods of time, creating tightness and stiffness. This effects how we feel and how we perform.

Strength and conditioning training is crucial for our health, there is no doubt about that, but it isn’t always enough. For those of us who do spend a significant portion of our day in one position (be it sitting or standing) we have to be proactive in order to maintain mobility for our body.

Not all of us need regular physiotherapy or massage treatments, but that does not mean that we would not hugely benefit from regular and focused body work for general maintenance of the human body and prevention of aches, pains, or injury.

Bodyworks: Personal Training for Movement Mastery

Bodywork sessions are a hybrid of physiotherapy and personal training. Each session is based on your specific needs to eliminate the restrictions that are preventing you from reaching your full movement potential. During each session you will work with a physiotherapist who will work with you through specific techniques and exercises to improve and maintain mobility, flexibility, and the efficiency of your movement.

Together we will optimize how your body moves and functions, ultimately improving your movement efficiency, performance, and decreasing your potential for pain and injury.

What's the difference between Bodyworks and a Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy sessions are designed to help individuals return from injury, work on a specific limit in range of motion, to treat aches and pains, or to work on mastering a specific movement. Sessions consist of significant one-on-one time with a registered physiotherapist who use numerous hands-on treatment techniques to decrease pain, improve range of motion and function, as well as rehabilitate your specific injury or concern.

Bodyworks sessions are designed for individuals who are not currently suffering from an injury but who need assistance to maintain and improve their performance, flexibility and decrease their risk of injury. Body work sessions include one-on-one time with a physiotherapist who will employ a number of techniques to improve your mobility and improve your movement efficiency. Sessions also include working through a number of functional exercises to immediately improve your movement and how you feel, and to ensure that you maintain this new-found efficiency with your movement when you leave your session.

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