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Motivation: How to find it. How to never lose it.

A big promise for an article, right? First of all, for anyone reading this article, I figured you might need some extra motivation, hence the title (insert sarcastic grin). Secondly, let’s be honest. No matter how much you LOVE fitness, working out and training, we all have times when we ...

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The History of Indian Clubs and a Preview into one of our new TT Programs!

  Coach Whitney Here! As we head into 2018 and launch our brand new Taylored Training Specialty Programs I’m very pleased to give you a quick history lesson on one of our new training tools – the Indian club. Back in September of this year, Coach Taylor travelled to Portland ...

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Episode 27 of TT TV!

Welcome to episode 27 of Taylored Training TV!  Have been on a wee hiatus but your health and fitness show is back to answer all of your questions and provide you with advice and information actually based on science! On this episode: If you sweat more while exercising do you ...

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Which is better: free weights or machine training?

Machine versus weight training is always a controversial subject within the fitness industry. I am not really sure why. The answer to one of the most popular fitness questions as to which is better: Free weights. Each and everytime. Let me define free weights as dumbbells, barbells, logs, rocks, milk jugs, ...

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The Top 5 Reasons You are Getting Injured.

#1 Chasing Numbers for No good reason. With the exception of when we trained our team for powerlifting, we don’t focus on chasing numbers with our members. Why, you ask? Because who cares!  Hear us out. Whether it be your ‘bench’, ‘squat’ or even jumping on your scale, numbers aren’t ...

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Strength and Conditioning for youth athletes; Why there needs to be a change.

A lot of what people believe about strength training is based on decades old information and ideology. While these antiquated training practices can still result in improved athletic performance, they also are notorious for high injury rates and motor patterning issues. With young athletes this is often masked due to ...

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Are 10,000 Steps Really going to change your health and fitness?

Have you ever wondered where the infamous 10,000 steps ever came from? Is 10,000 steps really enough to change your health, fitness and physique?   FACT: The 10,000 number originally appeared in the 1960s when a Japanese company started selling pedometers called manpo-kei, which literally translates to “10,000-step meter”. More ...

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10 Fitness Myths That Need to Die.

As always, we are here to set the record straight when it comes to the truth about health and fitness. Here are our first 5 myths that need to die.   Myth #1: The best time to work out is first thing in the morning. Truth: The best time for ...

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Steel Mace Training

If you haven’t heard of a steel mace you’re not alone. These long metal rods capped with a weighted ball aren’t found very often in your standard gym or training studio. But like a lot of select tools we use at my studio, Taylored Training Fitness, each and every new ...

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