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Training you abs effectively and three exercises you should AVOID!

These are 3 ‘ab’ exercises you will see at every gym on in every instagram feed and they are all terrible for you! One of the most important philosophies when it comes to our Taylored Training programming is ‘smart programming’. What does that mean?  It’s about choosing and programming exercises ...

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Episode 26 of Taylored Training TV

Welcome to episode 26 of Taylored Training TV!!!! On this episode: Can you spot reduce body fat?? (11:40) Best exercise for shoulder injuries (1:25) What is the BEST overall exercise (10:15) ever? What is the difference between strength (6:00) training and cardio? Why should we stop using the term (3:58) ...

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Episode 24 of Coach Taylor TV!

The latest episode of Coach Taylor TV is JAMMED packed with fantastic information!Impassioned rant at 22:10 and around 16:56……where I talk about my recent interaction with the ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and why their terrible advertising practices have led me to withdraw my support and recommendation from them! Cooking ...

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Our Latest Team Training Day – Check out what we did!

Each week our TT Team carves out an hour to meet, discuss our programming for the week, review the best coaching cues and techniques and what we can do to constantly improve every training session for our awesome TT Members. Every 3 months we meet as a team to work ...

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Question: Will lifting weights make me look bulky?

WOMEN! STOP LIFTING WEIGHTS OR YOU WILL GET HUGE! Have you ever heard this before? Or do you worry about this yourself? Here is one of those exercise myths that truly needs to stop being perpetuated. Looking over the past 10 decades or so there are numerous examples of truly ...

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Chalking Up and Grip – It might be time to drop the chalk.

No Chalk, say what? Let me begin here. I can confidently say that the majority of people do not appreciate just how important grip strength truly is. In fact, did you know that grip strength better predicts death risk than blood pressure does? We all know when you hit the ...

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How to do a Proper Lunge with Coach Taylor

I fully believe that lunges are amongst the top exercises of all time – and I fully believe that they are one of the most poorly coached and poorly executed exercises. The primary focus of the lunge is your glutes. Yes, butt for all you non-anatomically inclined out there. Properly ...

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Check out Episode 20 of TT TV!

Welcome to episode 20 of Taylored Training TV!!! Why machines and separate body part training sucks (0:40) and why you shouldn’t be doing it ABS – love doing crunches? Here are some WAY (4:30) better options!!!!!!! The HUGE problems with fitness advertising….. (6:50) _____________________________________________________________________________ Need a little motivation during the ...

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An Important Message from Coach Taylor

‘I mean, it’s not rocket science.’ Stephen Hawking This recent article in the Huffington Post prompted this response from Coach Taylor. With hundreds of shares, comments, personal messages and views, we think it struck a chord.   And he is so right. So. Fucking. Right. The fitness world has over-complexified health ...

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TT Online TV – Have you seen our first episode?

We are so excited to announce the debut of our NEW online training platform – TT ONLINE! TT Online is an extension of our amazing TT Kingston, Ontario community. For Years we have had numerous requests for online training but we weren’t confident that we could deliver the coaching, programming ...

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