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Episode 17 of TT TV!

Here is Episode 17 of TT TV answering YOUR questions to give you the best fitness and health education, coaching and advice! In this episode we talk: The signs of overtraining Does fitness get easier or harder?  We answer that question! Fat loss – ‘but I eat healthy’?  Where you ...

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Let’s talk bottoms-up.   Not the grab your glass and pound back your drink bottoms-up, but the sweat dripping, grip defying, balance kind of bottoms-up.  That’s right – we’re talking kettlebell bottoms-up! So, what exactly does bottoms-up mean? Simply put, it means when you perform an exercise or movement you’re holding the ...

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The Single Leg RDL – why we love it!

A lot in life happens on 1 leg! getting in your car getting out of your car picking up your kids, dogs, laundry baskets You get the idea. So this is why we love training the 1 leg RDL because life happens on 1 leg and because we all tend ...

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Your Blueprint for Fat Loss and Fitness Success!

Recently Coach Taylor presented on creating your ‘blueprint’ for fitness success;what you need to know about training, programming and nutrition. With over a decade of experience in helping hundreds of members achieve success, you will find this talk insightful, honest and jammed packed FULL of tips, strategies and info to ...

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Episode 16 of Taylored Training TV!

  We have been getting a ton of questions pertaining to training when you reach the age of 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond. This episode is dedicated to answering some of those questions!!!!!! ______________________________________________________________ Is too much strength training bad for your joints? (1:50) Fitness after 40; Should you ...

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How to turn your Fitness Failures into SUCCESS!

Have you failed in the past with changing your health and fitness? Whether you have failed once or multiples times, I want to share some great news! You see, your failures have given you important information that will lead to your success. Because now you know what doesn’t work! When ...

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What you need to know when joining a Group Training Program!

Group classes are one of the most effective ways to achieve your fitness dreams! You get the benefit of workouts designed to ramp up your metabolism and you get to do them with a group of people to get a little extra motivational boost!   Not all classes are created ...

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Why The Swing is King for Fat Loss!

Crushing 20 calories a minute, the kettlebell swing is one of the best exercises for fat loss, training muscular endurance and enhancing your cardio capacity.   Learning quality safe technique from a coach is key to avoiding injury. While most think swings can lead to serious risk for back pain that ...

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EPISODE 4 of Taylored Training TV!

 Check out Episode 4 of TT TV! In this episode: -The Dangers of weight training – do you have to rest 48 hours between workouts? -If you are already lean – should you be focused on a nutrition program? -Detoxing – it is DANGEROUS to your health and DOESN’T work! ...

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 Episode 4 of TT TV is here! Taylored Training TV Ep. 04In this episode we discuss: -The Dangers of weight training – do you have to rest 48 hours between workouts? -If you are already lean – should you be focused on a nutrition program? -Detoxing – it is DANGEROUS ...

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