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Improve your posture, core strength and conditioning with Weighted Carries.

You can think of loaded carries like a moving plank. They create unbelievable core stability while at the same time causing our rotator cuff muscles to activate. You see, our stability muscles are reflex driven. Pick up something heavy in a farmer’s walk and your body will automatically find proper alignment without ...

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How to Swing a Kettlebell with Coach Taylor

Kettlebell swings are a staple exercise here at TT. They provide a fantastic posterior chain exercise, will help you build the ultimate booty (otherwise known as ‘kettlebooty’) plus they are a fantastic conditioning exercise! What more could you ask for? The kettlebell swing will benefit your training the most IF ...

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This Holiday Season, Don’t be a Fitness Asshole

Yes. You read that right and you know who we are talking about. Trust us when we tell you, you don’t want to be a fitness asshole. You don’t want to be that person bringing a tupperware buffet to the party and counting how many sugar cookies everyone eats. PLUS ...

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The Best Exercise You’ve Probably Never Done!

We train a lot of exercises at Taylored Training but if we had to pick one exercise that we love the most it would be the Turkish Get-up! The Get-up hits so many elements that are vital to improving your fitness; it will improve your mobility/felxibility, stability (specifically at the shoulder ...

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Do you sit a lot? Try this stretch!

Sitting is a reality of modern day work life. Since we can’t avoid it, let’s work around it! Here is one of our Taylored Training cool down exercises – the T-spine 90/90 stretch.  By stabilizing your hips you can focus on driving movement through your upper back and working to ...

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Running is Not the Best Exercise To Get Fit

Say what?! Just hear us out. We train a lot of runners, we always endorse physical fitness (especially outside!) BUT we believe running isn’t the best exercise to GET fit. We hear this scenario all the time as coaches who have been in this business for many years. Here’s the ...

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The Fit Life. The Struggle is Real.

The Fit Life. The Struggle is Real. This blog is a collaboration with my team about how everyone struggles with fitness, yes, even fitness coaches. We want to be upfront and honest about our experiences and our journey with fitness and how fitness has changed our lives. We want to ...

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The Perfect Push-up

At TT we love push-ups! Push-ups are a great full body exercise recruiting a variety of muscles plus this exercise is a common first goal for new members to our studio. Although we DO love push-ups, we are sticklers for solid form. While the push-up is a great exercise, like all exercises, it has ...

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The 6 Best Ab Exercises

Here are our Top 6 AB exercises at Taylored Training.   They are: Ab-roll outs Farmer’s walks Landmine press Stir the Pot Reverse woodchops Pallof holds You will never see us train crunches and sit-ups at Taylored Training, yet we have incredibly strong members. Why? Because they train using THESE ...

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Training for a Fitness Show vs Powerlifting

I’m going to start off by saying this, we have trained clients for shows and they have done very well. First and foremost it was their goal and in each situation we sat down and discussed the process, the commitment and most importantly how to transition into ‘real life’ post ...

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