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The Perfect Push-up

At TT we love push-ups! Push-ups are a great full body exercise recruiting a variety of muscles plus this exercise is a common first goal for new members to our studio. Although we DO love push-ups, we are sticklers for solid form. While the push-up is a great exercise, like all exercises, it has ...

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The 6 Best Ab Exercises

Here are our Top 6 AB exercises at Taylored Training.   They are: Ab-roll outs Farmer’s walks Landmine press Stir the Pot Reverse woodchops Pallof holds You will never see us train crunches and sit-ups at Taylored Training, yet we have incredibly strong members. Why? Because they train using THESE ...

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Training for a Fitness Show vs Powerlifting

I’m going to start off by saying this, we have trained clients for shows and they have done very well. First and foremost it was their goal and in each situation we sat down and discussed the process, the commitment and most importantly how to transition into ‘real life’ post ...

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The Truth About Cardio

The fitness business is over saturated with an IMENSE amount of bullshit! Our mission is to ensure that we provide our community with the best information so they can experience the best of what life has to offer. When it comes to training, nutrition and movement, you can rest assured that ...

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Episode #24 of the Coach Taylor Podcast

Here’s a quick Overview of Episode #24 of the Coach Taylor Podcast Don’t debate me This topic I am passionate about. Very. There is a lot of non-PR language and some other hard to hear stuff that may ruffle some feather. Oh well. They are feathers that must be ruffled. ...

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6 Brutally Honest Reasons You Aren’t seeing Results

THE BRUTALLY HONEST 6 REASONS YOU ARE STILL OVERFAT Yes, I swear in here. Yes, I meant to. Yes, I know more words than curse words. Like Quentin Tarantino uses profanity for dramatic effect, so do I. If I were writing for a scientific journal or magazine – both of ...

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