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Movement and Recovery

Ladies think twice before using a weight belt.

Our team is always working hard to provide the best coaching, information and support for our TT members and for our larger online community. Our most recent article featured on Bodybuilding dot com speaks to the importance of understanding the potential problems for females who use weight belts for heavy ...

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Test your mobility with these 5 self-tests!

Alright. It is test time! We want to see how you move. So, what’s the importance of improving your mobility and ensuring you can easily perform all of our tests? Good Mobility will: #1 – Ensure you FEEL good! #2 – Help prevent future injuries – DRASTICALLY reducing your risk. #3 – ...

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Should you still workout if you’re sore?

When you start a new training program it is normal to experience some muscle soreness. You may hear it referred to as ‘DOMS’ – or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – and this can happen anywhere from a few hours to a few days after a training session. Muscle soreness is usually ...

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Your How to Foam Roll Guide

With frequent training or injury, our muscles and fascia can become tight, damaged, and develop knots and adhesions. This can lead to altered movement patterns, soft tissue fatigue, increased risk in injury and even a decrease in performance. So, how can you help prevent injury, promote recovery, enhance performance and ...

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The Issue that Women are Dealing with in Silence

After years of working with women suffering from pain and discomfort, we decided to open the dialogue and start the conversation of how to treat these important health issues in order to live a better life. If you are reading this and you do experience incontinence, pain and discomfort, we want ...

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Why we think Barefoot is Best.

Understanding Your Feet Your feet are rarely the focus of any training program yet are the most important part of your body when it comes to your movement! Most people tend to wear shoes that are overly supportive and/or constrictive so the muscles in the feet become weak. There are ...

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Our Complete Taylored Training Movement Prep

This is our complete Taylored Training Movement Prep! ALL of our members perform this warm-up (we call it movement preparation) before every single training session. And yes, before you ask, the same movement prep every time! Here are our two main reasons why: 1 – It mentally preps our members ...

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