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Concussion Management

Concussion Management and Treatment

Taylored Training Physiotherapy is now offering an array of concussion assessment and treatment services.

Working with trained medical professionals is imperative when dealing with concussions and concussion symptoms. Our physiotherapy team is here to assist you before an injury occurs and after an injury to ensure that you get back to full activity as quickly as possible in a supervised and safe manner.

Have you recently been injured? Are you an athlete looking to add a baseline concussion assessment to your injury management protocol?

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What is a concussion?
A Concussion is a type of brain injury that is caused by a blow or bump to the head that temporarily changes the way your brain works. They can also be caused by a jolt to your body that causes a quick side to side or back and forth movement of your head.
Concussions may or may not involve a loss of consciousness and in fact, very few concussions actually involve a loss of consciousness! Just because you did not lose consciousness does not mean that you are not suffering from the risks of this injury.
 How do I know if I have a concussion?
Common symptoms can vary widely and concussion research is advancing almost every month! Below is a list of commonly seen concussion symptoms but it is important to remember that YOU SHOULD NOT SELF DIAGNOSE! If there has been any injury or situation the includes a blow to the head, whiplash, or any other jarring motion to the head and neck you should be assessed by a trained medical professional.
Common concussion symptoms can include:
– headache
– fogginess
– dizziness
– light or noise sensitivity
– confusion
– feeling unsteady or uncoordinated
– sensitivity to busy environments
If you have been involved in an event that could lead to a concussion it is very important to be assessed by a qualified medical professional as soon as possible, even if these symptoms are not present.

Baseline Testing

Baseline testing is performed on an individual before an injury occurs. This provides your treatment specialist a snapshot of your cognitive and physical function in a healthy state. If an injury then occurs this baseline is used as a reference point to compare post injury testing to. This can help your treatment specialist to more accurately gauge the severity of the injury.
While the research remains mixed on the usefulness of pre-injury baseline concussion testing, it has become standard practice for hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world on a yearly basis. It is recommended by the CDC for high school athletes. This test is not designed to be the only part of a concussion management program as many people believe it to be. It is often useful to your health practitioner, however, if they conduct the baseline test and then assist with any post-injury testing and treatment.
It is important that the baseline test is performed by a qualified practitioner on an individual basis as there are person specific issues that can affect the usefulness of baseline testing.
Taylored Training Physiotherapy recommends baseline testing for athletes as a part of a multi-faceted injury management protocol.

Treatment for Concussions

If it is determined that you are concussed or if there is any chance that you have been concussed, the treatment options are variable. It is imperative that you work with a qualified professional who is very current on the literature as concussion research is evolving at an incredible pace meaning treatments and treatment options are changing regularly.
Treatment for concussion or post-concussion syndrome can vary widely from person to person dependent on their symptoms. Treatment can consist of visual exercises designed to strengthen the coordination between the eyes or visual motor speed; treatment to address vertigo symptoms or exercises designed to rehabilitate the vestibular system, which gives you your sense of balance and equilibrium.
At the appropriate time treatment can also include graduated exertion and sport-specific exercise for return to work or play. Many of the more recent treatment recommendations are now based on light activity. Again, it is VITAL that you are working with a competent medical professional throughout the treatment process!!!!

If you are an athlete you are at risk of incurring a concussion and we recommend baseline testing as an aspect of injury management. If you have incurred any injury or event that could have caused a concussion it is imperative that you work with a qualified professional as soon as possible. p>

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