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Courtney’s Story

“I did not expect to enjoy going to the gym as much as I do”.  Courtney

I first joined Taylored Training because I was looking for a healthy hobby. My experience has far exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to enjoy going to the gym as much as I do. As a stay-at-home parent to two toddlers, my personal time is limited and I am careful to use it wisely. In saying that, the first place I go when I have free time is TT.

The best part about TT is seeing friendly faces that greet you by name when you arrive and when you leave. Group training classes seemed intimidating at first, but once I tried them out, I regretted not trying them sooner. Though I am usually the last to finish most sets, the trainers are always encouraging.

Strong Mom!
Strong Mom!


Before joining TT I was nervous that I might not be able to meet the expectations of the trainers, or that I might get in the way because I am inexperienced with most equipment (ok, all equipment) but this was not the case at all. I have even had other members assist me while doing pull-ups by supporting my (sweaty!) back, now that is something I have never experienced.










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