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Debunking the Fat Loss Myths Seminar – Saturday, May 14th

Fat Loss Seminar

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The 5 biggest myths about fat loss you probably still believe.

1. Low fat diets are good for fat loss.

2. You need to do cardio

3. The more workouts you can do – the better the results

4. You have to eat frequently – at least every 3 hours

5. You will hate the process and have to learn to ‘just push through it!’

These are all false. They are some of the most common myths you probably hear everyday! Curious to know why these are myths? Keep reading! 

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With over 13 years experience of coaching Taylor will give you the tools you need to master your mindset when it comes to fat loss. Getting your head in the game is the #1 priority for smashing your fitness goals! We promise you will be more than ready after this seminar to make your fitness dreams come true.

There is so much misinformation out there that is is hard to know the truth when it comes to fat loss. Coach Taylor will cut through the information and deliver to you just the facts in a way that will empower you to achieve YOUR goals.

No products to sell. No hidden agendas.

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Free for members (members can bring a complimentary guest)


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Myth #1 Low Fat Diets are Good for Fat Loss.

False. When we take the fat out of foods it is typically replaced with foods that include higher amounts of sugar. When it comes to losing fat it is necessary to avoid added sugars like the plague! Additionally, diets very low in fat often leave you feeling hungry and tired as the food is digested more quickly. This also results in your hormones being thrown out of whack, which further destroys your ability to lose body fat.

Ensuring that you have enough fat in your diet is essential when your goal is to lose body fat! Remember: eating fat doesn’t make your body add fat. Healthy fats are found in nuts, seeds, nut butters, seafood, meat, and dairy. Making sure that you have these elements in your daily eating is very important!

Myth #2 You Need to Do Cardio

Slow, steady-state cardio work was popular for decades and unfortunately many people still believe it is a necessity for losing fat. Did you know that the longer you can do an activity the more efficient your body becomes at storing fat? Yeah – that’s right – the longer you can run or bike the better your body gets at storing fat. Why? Fat is your energy reserve. When your body realizes that it has to do activity for long stretches of time it wants to make sure that there is plentiful energy available and will store as much fat as possible to keep you moving!

Shorter duration activity performed at a higher intensity has the opposite effect and will help you shred off body fat. Additionally, this style of exercise also boosts metabolism and increases certain hormones that are potent fat burners.

Don’t worry! If you love some cardio exercise you can still do it! It is just a matter of making sure you do the right amount and that you add in some higher intensity exercise to the mix!!!

Myth #3 The More Workouts You Do, the Better!!

More isn’t always better. Yet when most people embark on a fitness program to lose body fat, they believe that the more they do that faster the fat will melt off. This simply isn’t true! 3 to 5 training sessions a week of about 45 minutes is about the perfect amount of exercise when you are doing the right stuff!

HIT training (high intensity interval training) sometimes seems a little daunting but it is just different than most people are used to! Yes, you should be working out of your comfort zone but there is no need to go so hard you can’t walk up a flight of stairs or sit down in the bathroom for two days after a workout! Balance is again key! A good HIT program consisting of full body exercises and short powerful burst of effort are the best thing you can do when you want to melt some body fat.

Myth #4 You Have To Eat Every Three Hours

It was commonly thought for decades that smaller more frequent meals lead to greater fat loss results. Unfortunately, this was based on faulty research and anecdotal evidence! What has changed?

We know now that there is no ONE right way that works for everyone. Some people have great success with frequent, small meals. Others do very well on a more traditional 3 square meals a day. And there are people who only eat once or twice a day while maintaining a healthy physique. The moral of the story? It is important to find what works BEST for YOU and there is no ONE way to achieve your fitness dreams!

Myth #5 You Will Hate the Process

Every bootcamp instructor you have ever seen yells some iteration of ‘suck it up buttercup! It hurts and you hate it but you have to just focus and push yourself through it to get results!’

Ummmm, yeah, no. That is NOT the best way to achieve fat loss. You should work hard, yes. But you should also enjoy what you are doing and feel great physically AND mentally after a workout. That is a primary key to long term fat loss success.

Of course you will have to work hard and it might be challenging at times! But you are never going to have long term success unless you are doing something that you look forward to everyday! Whatever activity you choose – the true secret to fat loss and achieving your fitness dreams is to do something or go somewhere that you enjoy and will participate in for the long term!


Join Coach Taylor 

Saturday, May 14th at 11am

To Learn the RIGHT WAY

to eat and train for your Fat Loss Goals



We are excited to help you change the way you eat which will ultimately change the way you look and feel! Say good-bye to restrictive, calorie counting diets for good.
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