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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a Western medicine treatment that requires inserting needles into tight muscles or trigger points to create change in the muscle fibre or connective tissue surrounding the needle.
What does it feel like to receive dry needling?
It’s common to have a muscle twitch during the treatment and patients can feel slightly uncomfortable but it depends on the area of treatment. Working with an experienced and skilled practitioner is key to ensure that dry needling treatment is both as comfortable as possible and effective.  The number of needles and muscles targeted varies widely depending on the condition being treated.
What can you expect post treatment?
It is common for patients to feel a heavy, achey or fatigued sensation that may last up to 24 hours after treatment.  This can be alleviated with manual therapy, prescribed stretching and/or foam rolling.
Common conditions that can be treated:
– acute muscle strains
– acute or chronic tightness and/or tension
– lower back pain
– impingement and/or rotator cuff dysfunction
– migraines and/or headaches
– sciatica/piriformis syndrome
– tennis/golfers elbow


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