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The 6 Best Ab Exercises you Probably Aren’t Doing

One of the most popular questions we are asked as fitness experts is:

How do I train my abs?”

So what is the best way to train your abs and how do you see them?

Seeing or having “abs” as they say, comes down to a matter of your body fat and your body fat ratio is mediated by the consistency and quality of your nutrition and training. If you have a look at this video, it demonstrates how hard the abs are working during all 6 exercises AND the fact that visible abs aren’t just achieved from endless crunches.

Speaking of crunches, let’s talk about how much research is now available indicating that crunches are actually more harmful to your body, specifically your back. Since crunches involve spinal flexion (rounding your lower back to allow you to bend forward at the waist) they replicate the exact movement that cause and lead to the majority of back injuries; a rounded back while bending at the waist to reach for something.

On top of movement considerations, most specific classic ab exercises (sit-ups, side bends, bicycle crunches) require minimal caloric expenditure so don’t burn as many calories as the exercises we are going to show you!

Here is our Top 6 List:

  1. Ab-roll outs
  2. Farmer’s walks/carries
  3. Landmine press
  4. Stir the Pot
  5. Reverse woodchops
  6. Pallof holds

For descriptions of each and to see how they are done – check out the video!

Some Important Notes:

  • These exercises will challenge your abs in positions and movements that these muscles are meant to be working in which will make you stronger for everyday tasks you do in life! (grocery bag carry challenge anyone??)
  • Remember, your spine wasn’t meant to be crunched with repetition and your ab muscles weren’t meant to do that crunching! Your core musculature is meant to keep your spine erect and supported. So you should be training them that way!
  • If you work towards getting your body stronger, work your abs more effectively and efficiently and then nail your nutrition, we promise you will be very happy with your results!


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