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6 Tips For Staying Healthy during this Pandemic

1. Daily Exercise & Movement

Don’t worry about “crushing yourself” to the point of total exhaustion every workout, but we do recommend daily fitness training. Endless burpees and plyometrics isn’t the answer. Make sure you are using a full body movement based training program ***I know one if you are in need http://evolutiononlinefitness.com  Why is this important? NOW is not the time to sustain an injury, especially if you are new to exercise and movement or it’s been awhile. Keep in mind that your body is tight from sitting and added stress (who isn’t feeling a little anxious these days…) but there is zero access to physiotherapy and foreseeably there won’t be any for the next few weeks. Please make sure your program includes a solid warm-up with a balance of movements in order to help you train, feel and move at your best! 

One of our awesome TT Members Lori training at home with our Evolution Online Fitness Program

2. Food and Nutrition

Grocery stores are doing an amazing job at keeping up with supply and demand (ok, maybe not on the toilet paper front, but that’s another story).  What should you be focused on when you head to your grocery store?  Veggies are KING for optimizing your health. Include a large variety of veggies so you can boost your nutrient intake! Frozen veggies and whole canned veggies are good options if you need to stock up for a few days.  While it’s tempting to clear out the KD and frozen dinner aisle, this is an important time to AVOID processed food to decrease inflammation and focus on quality nutrition.

Here is a list of items that we have noticed most people aren’t thinking about when grocery shopping that will help go the distance on your shelf:

– potatoes (sweet and yellow)

– squash (spaghetti, acorn)

– celery root and turnip

– fermented foods: kimchi, kraut, yogurt and kombucha (which will need the be in the fridge) **70% of our immune system is in our gut/digestive tract. One of the most effective ways to support your gut health and immune system is with a good probiotic.

– coconut

– oatmeal, rice, beans

– nuts and seeds as well as nut butters

– frozen fruit and veggies as well as canned whole fruit and veggies *aim to avoid canned food with extra sugar and additives

– frozen seafood and canned tuna

– a variety of meat that you can freeze if needed

– eggs

As we always recommend, focus on including as many veggies as you can with quality protein sources and healthy fats. Fish should be included 2-3 x a week if possible.

Processed food is kryptonite for our immune systems. Junk food and highly processed food (think anything in a package that doesn’t have only whole ingredients) all contribute to unhealthy inflammation and impair the body’s natural immune response. THIS is the perfect time to dial in on a whole food, minimally processed nutrition plan.

Stay very well hydrated with herbal tea, tea, coffee and water is also best!

3. Alcohol and Marijuana

We get it. It’s hard not to ‘destress’ with a glass of wine and perhaps a special gummy or brownie BUT it is incredibly important to limit and ideally avoid drugs and alcohol. First off, your body has to work overtime to process these substances when it should be focused on maintaining quality health. Alcohol, although falsely considered by some as a sleep aid, actually disrupts the quality of your deep sleep which is vital at this time.  Alcohol and drugs can also lead to feeling more anxious during a very stressful time. Personally, we are avoiding all alcohol and drugs and making that recommendation to our clients to stay as healthy as possible.

4. Fasting

NOW is the time to incorporate fasting into your day for the following reasons:

  • To boost your immune system
  • To decrease the frequency of putting your hands to your face and spreading germs
  • To avoid stress eating
  • To avoid weight gain and putting yourself at risk for weight related health issues
  • To improve your mood and avoid feeling stressed and/or depressed
  • To help you feel in control and on schedule during a stressful time

WHAT is the best fasting protocol to start with?

If you’ve never fasted before the “16:8” is the easiest to start with. Skip breakfast and plan your day to start eating at 11am finishing at 7pm. This of course can be adjusted as needed but this timing seems to work the best for newbies.

For more information and all the research on fasting we have a book outlining strategies, testimonials and tips which can be found at this link: http://tayloredtraining.ca/fastingebook/

5. De-Stress & Optimize Your Sleep

It is incredibly hard not to feel stressed and anxious at this time it’s important to minimize your stress for your health.

– Limit social media by taking large breaks throughout the day

– Exercise helps our physical and mental health

– Meditate (we recommend the app ‘headspace’ if you are new to meditation)

– Journal – one paragraph daily if you are new to journaling, and focus on what you are grateful for

– Aim for a minimum of 7+ hours of sleep as quality and quantity of sleep will help you decrease your anxiety as well as boosting your immunity and overall health.

6. Leisure Time

It is important to take down time but don’t just plug into your TV, as tempting as that is.  There are a lot of different ways to enjoy some leisure time including: reading, painting, drawing, doing a puzzle, video chats with friends, board games, walks/hikes (keeping social distance), taking up a new hobby like knitting or learning how to play a new instrument!  Taking more time to cook a meal and/or making your own ferments is something that you might not always have time for, but perhaps you do now!

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