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Coach Vanessa is training for her next big event!

After training for a fitness show, then strong man competitions then powerlifting competitions, I am now training for my next big event in September – the birth of my first child!

While I was so excited to learn about my pregnancy and we have successfully trained numerous Moms to be over my decade coaching at the studio, I have seen a huge gap in the quality of information when it comes to the fitness, nutrition, movement and pelvic health for women who are expecting.


It’s why I’ve started a new Instagram account to teach Moms how to better train during their pregnancy and after.  As always, we are here to provide the best expert guidance, coaching, education and support for our clients and for me, I have a whole new perspective for our clients who are Moms and Moms to be!


I have more info on training, nutrition and pelvic health coming your way, but in the meantime, here is a brief overview of some of my tips, suggestions and experiences so far!



Let’s talk about sex and your pelvic floor.


Yeah. So, sex can be scary when you first find out about becoming pregnant! You are unsure about what is safe, normal and what to expect in terms of how your body will feel. Meeting with our pelvic floor physiotherapist Cassie was a big game changer for me, I learned how to better breathe, relax my pelvic floor muscles and learn more about what changes were happening and were going to happen. Kegels? I had no idea what one was, let alone how to properly do one! We meet every few weeks so we can both assess and monitor any changes as well as review some of the homework I’ve been working on. It was hugely important to help navigate pelvic pain I was experiencing and since our first meeting I’ve notice drastic improvements!




Game Day (I’ve already heard a lot of stories!)

Of course, when you get pregnant and start to enter into your first and second month you think ahead to ‘game day’ and what delivering a human being is going to feel like! Here is what I recommend and what has worked for me; do your research, be informed, don’t have expectations about what will happen and just take in each new experience as it comes.  This has helped me not feel intimidated or nervous. My number one goal of course is to have a healthy delivery however that will happen.


Nutrition, Cravings and some of the biggest misconceptions about food when you’re pregnant

Not much has changed with my nutrition except for my morning fasting protocol. While I would typically skip breakfast, and eat in an 16/8 or ‘lean gains’ style of eating, I feel the best with a breakfast to start the day. I typically have two to three big meals with no snacks which has helped negate any cravings plus has helped me feel energetic. (on a side note this ‘trick’ is something we recommend to our non-pregnant clients as well!).







Beverage wise no wine or beer for me these days BUT I have really enjoyed the following:

  • Tea – lots of tea at the beginning – mainly because I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee my favorites were lemon ginger or mint tea (decaf for both)
  • Decaf Coffee: In the second trimester, I have been able to introduce decaf coffee with some cream (normally I drink black but it didn’t sit well in my stomach).
  • Coffee: 1-2x a week fully caffeinated coffee
  • Pre-natal vitamin everyday (usually)
  • Water – and lots of it! Usually carbonated in a soda stream, but a lot throughout the day!


Let’s talk Cravings


I keep getting the question, “What are you craving?” and the answer might or might not surprise you:

“Nothing really!”

Yes, full disclosure, I have eaten cookies, doughnuts and chocolate, but only in the amounts that I usually would (which is 1-2x a week). I have always allowed myself to have treats (GOOD ones of course) and never have guilt regarding what I eat. The biggest thing I’ve found is that, sure ok, yes you are growing another human but this does mean you should double up on everything you eat!

I 100% get it, and see how it is a slippery slope when you’re having a day when you just want your body back, or don’t feel so great, but I remind myself that eating well now will help me feel my best in the months to come.


Gaining Weight

Weight gain is important during pregnancy but that doesn’t mean it isn’t very hard to wrap your head around it at first. Even for me as a Coach it was a struggle but taking full control of my eating and focusing on high quality foods has been key. The only thing I can control is my nutrition and exercise and know that my body will gain the weight it needs.



Exercise has been key to decrease my stress, increase my energy and similar to my nutrition, make me feel in control of how I feel.

My training goal is 2-3x a week which is less than I normally would have trained for my fitness show or powerlifting, but in general it is what I trained before I became pregnant with my busy schedule.

Like we tell our clients, it’s all about quality over quantity. I train my body to stay strong, increase my mobility, improve my ever-changing alignment and posture and to stay fit.

Exercise is probably one of the most conflicting and confusing topics for most new moms! I’m fortunate that I can draw on my expertise, experience and years of coaching other moms to know how to best train my body to feel strong and fit.

While a lot of women I have talked to shy away from strength training and/or any fitness during their pregnancy, I have started my Instagram account to better educate Moms on how important it is to train throughout the process and after!


My body has put on 16lbs thus far so of course my alignment has been so quickly shifted and adjusted that my back and hamstrings have been tight and sore. Working on programming, recovery work and with my physiotherapy team have all helped me feel better!



Looking Ahead

 As I soon head into my final trimester I am incredibly excited for the arrival of our new family member. I have also become even more passionate, focused and aware of how much my health and fitness has been instrumental to this experience. I look forward to helping other Mom’s feel as good as I do and to continue my research, study and coaching working with our amazing Taylored Training community.


I am also pleased to announce that I have started to open open spots for private nutrition coaching and personal training for pre/post natal clients. While I have coached and trained many women over my decade as a fitness coach I know have a very special new insight into what women want, need and feel during this time.  For more information and if you have any questions please visit and complete our personal training intake form. I look forward to helping Mom’s get the right information, coaching and training they need to feel their best!






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