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Let’s Talk Shoulder Health.

Let’s Talk About your Shoulders

More and more we see clients come to use with very limited shoulder mobility, poor posture, poor alignment and shoulder pain.


1 – Life in 2018 dictates more time spent on our devices (laptops, cell phones, iPhones…)

2 – There are many misconceptions regarding how to prevent and treat shoulder injuries (hence why we made this video for you!)

3 – The proliferation of Olympic lifting, Crossfit workouts, Bootcamp workouts and training mostly under a barbell (sometimes even if clients don’t have the proper form, technique and mobility required).


Many of you have probably seen or perhaps performed these exercises. NOW our Physiotherapists will be the first to tell you there is a time and a place for exceptional cases BUT these aren’t the exercises we use the most to prevent or treat shoulder injuries.

What you might not realize is that those exercises aren’t going to necessarily do what you think they will accomplish.

This is an exercise you can include to help your posture, alignment and improve your shoulder health. The key with this exercise is executing it with good form and technique to ensure the best results!


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