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Motivation: How to find it. How to never lose it.


A big promise for an article, right?

First of all, for anyone reading this article, I figured you might need some extra motivation, hence the title (insert sarcastic grin).

Secondly, let’s be honest. No matter how much you LOVE fitness, working out and training, we all have times when we need a little extra inspiration and motivation. Yes, coaches included!

Thirdly, I do believe there is an element of simplicity that should encourage you today. I feel there is just one question that can provide you with infinite motivation for your training. Not just for your Monday workout but for the rest of your life.

No, it’s not an “easy” question but yes, there is just one question to ask yourself.

Why do you train?

I get it. When we meet with new members touring the studio we commonly hear the following reasons:

“I want to get back into shape”

“I want to lose a little weight”

“I want to feel better”

“I want to switch things up and get into a routine”


Any of these sound familiar to you?


These are are valid, credible and understandable reasons to start a program. Absolutely!

But, here’s my “BUT”.


Let me ask you again, Why do you train?

I get it. I get why these are commonly delivered fitness goals as a) it’s what everyone is “suppose” to say b) it’s not easy bearing your soul to someone about your real why c) a lot of times people don’t even know/realize their own reasons for wanting to train.


So. Let’s talk about what I’m drilling down to.


Why, (no really WHY)  do you train?


Here are some stories I want to share.

We have a member who came to us with the goal of “getting stronger” in her 20’s. Although she was ‘skinny, petite and didn’t need to workout’ according to bogus social standards, she could barely make it a block to walk to her university classes without getting out of breath and tired (lets not even talk about the stairs!). She had never worked out, didn’t know where to start, felt weak, frustrated and tired all the time.

Her Real why? She trains to feel more confident, feel empowered and take 100% control of her health, fitness and life trajectory. She is more confident at work, has pushed herself out of her comfort zone to travel on her own and does not back down to conflict like she used to. She trains not only for physical strength, but to be a stronger person.

We have a member who came to us in her 80’s to  ‘move better’. Her REAL why? She could no longer put her own socks on her feet. Now think about that. It’s an easy task we take for granted everyday but imagine you could no longer do this on your own. She felt sad, frustrated and this one task we take for granted so easily became her tipping point. She trains to gain back her independence, to feel more confident and self sufficient, to defy social norms and to say a giant NO (and perhaps some other words) to the common verbiage, “oh, I’m just getting old”.

You see, when you drill down your REAL why, I believe you will never loose your motivation. After 20 years as a fitness professional, I believe it is the secret to success.

Focusing on your “real why” will push you when it’s -20C and you don’t want to leave you house, when it’s 6am and you just want to stay in bed or after a long day at work when going home and cracking open a bottle of wine seems way more appealing.

So how do you find your ‘real why’?

It takes some effort, some careful consideration and thought. You have to get deep. You have to really focus on what matters to you the most.  It’s not an easy question to answer but one that will help you make your fitness a habit not a short term quick fix.

By this point you’ve taken the time to read and think about your own why, so I encourage you to do one more thing for me today:

Take 10-15 minutes today in a quiet space, no phone, no distractions, and think about your ‘real why’.  Think about what you want to accomplish in life.  Think about your family or the family you aspire to build.  Yes, even think about if you knew you only had 1 week or 1 month left, what you would want to do. Think about what makes you happy and I promise you will always have an unlimited supply of motivation to train.


How would it feel to live pain free?

What would a day without being stressed about what you eat feel like?

How would it feel to be able to enjoy sports, activities and movement without having a fear of getting injured?

How would it feel to train in order to learn new skills and have fun versus out of guilt for what you just ate?

How would it feel to move better and not constantly feel tight, stiff and sore?

How happy would you be to keep up with your kids and/or grandkids without feeling limited and exhausted?

How would you feel if you took control of your nutrition, your eating and your relationship with food once and for all?

How would it feel to be strong enough to travel, explore the world and experience a whole new sense of independence?

How would it feel to be confident and happy in your own skin?


-Coach Whitney

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