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What three exercises Coach Taylor needs you to do before you run!

With spring upon us and summer on the way many people head outside and start running.

Well….lets be fair…jogging/speed-walking is what I mostly see.

Here is a video I made last year for all of you who are starting up or getting back into running.

If you cannot comfortably do these three exercises…YOU SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING!


End of story.

One of my favourite truth’s in fitness is this:

You DO NOT run to train, you must train to run.

The point? You must have a base level of fitness before you begin a running program or you ARE going to hurt yourself. We were NOT meant to run double digit kilometers on a regular basis but for some reason this has become an engrained part of our culture.

‘Heading out on a run’ or ‘I am going to start running’ are phrases you have said or heard someone say PROBABLY in the last couple of days.

Running is a high impact activity with low long term fitness rewards.

So if you love it – cool!!! Go for it!! But PLEASE make sure you are strong enough and fit enough to run AND run for the sports you love to do!

-Coach Taylor

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