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Your Guide to Success Seminar!

Your Guide to Fitness Success in 2017

January 7th at 11am join Coach Taylor for a seminar designed to kick off the New Year right.

Registration is at the bottom of the page – this will be a limited admission seminar and admission will be first come first served!


You’ve done it all. 

Every diet. Every bootcamp program. Everything you can think of. Yet you’re frustrated and want more help.

This year, it’s time to get it right.

It’s time to learn what you need in order to be successful with your fitness!

**No crash diets**

**No expensive products to buy**

**No cheesy gimmicks**

This seminar will cover all of the latest research into health and nutrition combined with the decades of experience of the Taylored Training team. Even if you have attended past seminars you will gain valuable insight from this session!

——> We will cover ——->

—-> The best nutrition practices to change the way you live and feel <—-

—-> What type of exercise is best and how to build a fitness program that will truly positively impact your life <—-

—-> How a few simple lifestyle changes can have DRAMATIC effects on your long term health and fitness <—-

—-> Debunking the most common myths and misconceptions in the health and fitness industry <—-



Taylored Training Members      No Charge

Friends of Taylored Training Members      $5

General Admission          $10




 We have a team of coaches who are dedicated, committed and passionate about fitness, movement, nutrition and helping you make your fitness dreams come true!

Join Coach Taylor and his Coaching Team

Saturday, January 7th


For a special seminar on

‘The Secrets to Success’

We are excited to help you change the way you eat which will ultimately change the way you look and feel! Say good-bye to restrictive, calorie counting diets for good.
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