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Heather’s Story

“I was given the tools I needed to have a successful pregnancy, labor and delivery.” – Heather

When my husband and I learned we were pregnant we wereecstatic, but selfishly one of my first thoughts was, “How will this affect myworkouts?”  I had come to really lookforward to my workouts at Taylored Training and knew that life as we knew ithad now ended! One thing I was not willing to give up were my workouts, theymade me feel good both mentally and physically.


After sharing the news with my coach Vanessa, she assured me and shared with me how we can modify and alter my workouts according to whatmy pregnant body could handle and that is exactly what we did. I was surprisedby how much I still could do. I was still able to lift heavy and had almost full range of movement. I was able to lift heavy right into my final week of pregnancy. I literally experienced my first sign of labor at the gym, finished my workout and had my baby the next day!

Allow me to clarify that I was not a crazy abnormality; I had food aversions and suffered from lower back pain, and the fatigue I felt made me like I was hit by a Mac truck for the majority of my pregnancy! What I can attest is that my workouts helped alleviate my lower back pain and actually gave me the energy to get through the day. I worked out at 6am before work, andyes it was work to get my butt out of bed and to the gym but I did it because I knew I would feel better having done so. I felt strong, I was strong and it felt good!


This helped alleviate the anxiety about labor, I didn’t have disillusions about it being easy but I knew I had the strength to see it through.


My labor and delivery was fairly text book, she was in agreat position, (this I swear was due to all those squats I had been doing!),and she came quickly. When it came time to push it took 25 minutes and 5pushes, again I feel all those weighted squats were really beneficial! My recovery was equally as fast and there were many comments about how strong I was. I was very mobile and able to do a lot independently, even with the medication I had to take.


Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at Taylored Training,their programming and support, I was given the tools I needed to have asuccessful pregnancy, labor and delivery. The benefits of strength training didnot end at the hospital as it has helped tremendously with the recovery at home too, helping baby Stella and I adjust well and return to regular activities at a faster rate than expected, including returning to the gym! Thank-you  Taylored Training for helping to make this experience memorable but more importantly a healthy one!




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