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Jen’s Story

“I train to keep up with my 1 and 7 year old. To lead by example and show them that maintaining and enjoying a healthy lifestyle is achievable.” – Jen

I train to rock a two-piece swimsuit with confidence. I chose to have kids later in life (32 and 37) and I owe it to them to train, eat clean and not take life for granted. There will be many momentous moments in their lives and I want to be around for as many of them as possible.

After my first day at TT I came home and sobbed like a baby, and I had only done the warm up! I’m not going to lie… I was terrified! Everyone was so fit, knowledgeable and doing some really amazing moves! My first thought was “What did you get yourself into?” I knew it was going to be one of the most mentally and physically challenging journeys, however I owed it to myself and my family to put me on my priority list, thus I got back up, dusted myself off and came back in the next day and met some pretty amazing people.

When you train at TT there’s no ego, judging or pressure by the coaches and members to be anything but yourself. It’s not about what you can’t do but about what you ARE doing.

All the coaches are extremely knowledgeable and proficient in their profession, but most of all they are realistic! You set goals and they steer you to them gradually, in a safe and healthy approach. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no walk in the park, they are there pushing and getting you to lift weights that you never imagined you could lift, telling and getting you to finish sets you thought you would never complete. They are there to show you how to do an exercise, correct your form, recommend stretches for recovery, offer nutrition advice and on some days play – Guess this song or artist playing in the studio.


Three to four days a week, I train next to some pretty remarkable individuals. The atmosphere at TT is one of positivity, a close-knit community of people in all shapes and sizes that support and encourage you on your journey. On days when you don’t think you’ll get through the session because you can barely walk from all the squats and lunges you did the day before, it’s empowering to know you are training next to a power lifter or next to someone who is recovering from hip replacement surgery or is over 80 years old!! We get through the sessions together either by counting down the last 10 seconds in rep or just sharing a few laughs between sets.

One of the major things I’ve learned is you don’t have to be an athlete to lift weights. Pregnant or right after pregnancy, it is safe and very effective. And you don’t have to spend an hour doing cardio (thank god!). Sugar is the DEVIL and clean eating is not all that impossible.

The second is a self-realization, why are my goals based on weight and/or clothing size? I had it all wrong, I should be focusing on being able to move better, building my strength/muscle mass and energy levels. New goals – Train (properly) 3 to 4 days a week, healthy eating habits 7 days a week and the above will happen.

I understand now that there are no quick fixes, training is fluid, it’s on-going, you have to commit to the lifestyle of being active-training and eating clean as much as possible.

After kids your priorities change, my order was children, marriage and career. I wasn’t on the list but yet I expected myself to look and feel great. I was lethargic and having some basic mobility issues, nor was I happy or proud of the way I looked and fit in clothes. Yes, I had had a baby 8 months prior but found it challenging to keep up with another little human in the house. The time came where I got sick of hearing myself use the same excuses over and over. Everyone has the right to occasionally have a pity party. The trick is knowing when it’s time to leave. And I had overstayed my welcome, it was time for me to move on and get off my ass.



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