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Kristy’s Story

“My Experience with Taylored Training has been more than life changing for me physically and emotionally.” – Kristy


I would be lying if I said it was just the classes that made me so addicted… It was the coaches (Taylor, Whitney, Cassie, Vanessa) and all the friends I made along the way. I felt like I owed them the best effort I could give them by showing up every day. It is honestly like a family there. If I didn’t show up for a day, I had messages from everyone asking where I was! I had more support through Taylored than I could ever imagine.


I just recently went on a family trip to the Dominican and for the first time…I felt unbelievably confident in a bikini and I have to thank Taylored Training for everything they have done.


I have lost inches in places I didn’t know I could lose inches; I have toned up completely and feel better and confident about myself. It’s hard and you’ll sweat, and you’ll curse them through the whole class… but at the end of that hour… You’ll be thanking them. I hope that you’ll all at least come to a class for simply the entertainment of the trainers because I guarantee you’ll get hooked… then you’ll see results.


Thanks Taylored!!!




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