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March Mobility Clinic

Are you sometimes frustrated by your lower body movement and flexibility???

  • Perhaps you can’t touch your toes? 
  • Maybe you constantly have tight hips and/or hamstrings?
  • Perhaps you sit a lot during your day and want to know what you can be doing to help your body move better?
  • Do you find you get low back pain when your lower body is stiff and tight?


Join our TT Physiotherapist Cassie Saturday, March 25th from 11am-12:30pm to take you through the best movements, stretches and mobility work in order to improve your lower body mobility, movement quality and flexibility!

We promise you will leave this hands on clinic with the tools you need to increase you mobility, flexibility and progressively improve your movement!

Our Mobility Clinic will take place Saturday, March 25th from 11am-12:30pm

Cost: $55.00 (for members) $65.00 (non-members)




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