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   At Taylored Training we offer a truly unique fitness solution focused on lifelong health.

Our membership is the only one of its kind as we have designed a very sustainable way for our members to work with our personal trainers every workout, every time they train!



We believe in honesty and transparency! Everything you need to know about Taylored Training Fitness is listed right here! Including our prices! 

Are you lost at the gym and don’t even know where to start?

Do you have an injury and you’re nervous to start a fitness program?

Are you frustrated with a lack of results?

Tired of the same old fitness program dressed up as something new?

Welcome to Taylored Training Private Fitness Training


Kingston’s only semi-private personal training studio


What is semi-private personal training?

     All of the benefits of personal training with a flexible schedule and a community vibe.


While one on one personal training has been a gym staple for decades it is not the best fitness system out there! It can be difficult to book the times you want, the top trainers rarely accept new clients, if you miss an appointment you miss your workout and still have to pay for the session, and the cost makes it difficult for most people to continue long term leaving you to fend for yourself after you complete your sessions.


There is a better way!


Semi-private personal training simply means that your trainer might be working with more than one person at the same time. Contrary to popular belief you don’t actually need someone watching every single rep of every single exercise! Skilled trainers are more akin to great coaches who can supervise an entire team while inspiring them to greatness.


At Taylored Training we are your fitness coaches.


Our semi-private model means you can train when it is convenient for you and you can know that you will always have a coach there for you!

How It Works


Our semi-private fitness studio is setup to keep you motivated and to be flexible for your busy schedule!


We offer three membership options based on how frequently you want to workout! Your options are two sessions a week, three sessions a week, or unlimited sessions per week.


That is about as complicated as it gets!


All you have to do is show up!!!


Come to the studio and we will be there waiting for you. It doesn’t matter what time you come in, so even if you regularly train at 7am you can switch and train at 5pm when the day gets out of hand and you have to solve every crisis imaginable!

When you come to the studio you will change in one of our four private change rooms and then hit the floor where your coach will guide you through the warm-up and into your training session.


Your training sessions change regularly to keep things interesting and include everything you need to get stronger, improve your cardiovascular health, and move better! Again, you will always have a coach there to offer guidance, give feedback, and sometimes provide a little extra motivational push! Don’t worry about the sweat, we have towels for that!


After your session we have three private showers and towel service available!


The best way to understand what makes Taylored Training’s semi-private fitness model the absolute best fitness program in the world is to try us out for three weeks to experience it for yourself!

The Benefits


Show up when it is convenient.

-No need to schedule an appointment!

-Plans for the day changed? Simply come in at a different time!


We always have a coach on the floor

-Fitness can be daunting and many people wonder what they should be doing or if they are doing things properly

-Our semi-private model ensures that you always have an expert there to guide you, answer questions, and provide a bit of motivation


Never wonder what you should be doing again!

-We provide all the programs and routines you will ever need!

-From beginners to elite athletes we have a program that will get you to your goals


Kingston’s most experienced fitness trainers at a fraction of the cost!

-Having a one-on-one trainer can get costly quickly and for some people it works, however, it isn’t necessary

-Our training team has over 45 years of combined experience and working in a semi-private format comes easily to us. This means you can work with the best of the best fitness coaches while being able to invest for the long term in your health!


The best way to understand how awesome this format is will be to join us for a three week trial period!

Membership Options

***Our memberships work on an annual commitment***
**Shorter investment terms are available**
*Student Rates are available, please inquire*

Two Semi-Private Sessions a Week 

Three Semi-Private Sessions a Week

Unlimited Semi-Private Sessions


Private One-on-One Personal Training
**Limited availability**

*Session packages for training are available*


Fill out the form below to request a 3 week trial with Taylored Training and experience fitness in a completely new way!

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