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Make your fitness dreams come true!

At Taylored Training we offer a truly unique fitness solution focused on lifelong health.

Our membership is the only one of its kind as we have designed a very sustainable way for our members to work with our personal trainers every workout, every time they train!



Are you lost at the gym and don’t even know where to start?


Do you have an injury and you’re nervous to start a fitness program?


Are you frustrated with a lack of results?


Do you crave a change and a fresh new program?

Every time you enter Taylored Training we will be here waiting for you!

You will have a program written for you, a personal trainer to guide you and an amazing community of members to train with you!

We believe that your personal training shouldn’t be dictated by appointments that aren’t realistic to always keep. When you go to the dentist or doctor every 6 months an appointment makes sense. To create a habit and truly make a sustainable and long-term change to your health and fitness it just doesn’t work. We want to help you make fitness “fit” into your busy schedule.

It’s hard enough to make time to train let alone always having to book a set time.

Our members love the flexibility of our personal training model. Our members choose when they train knowing that they always have a trainer waiting to guide them every step of the way, making the whole process more enjoyable!

No more trying to make a set time that just might not be realistic.

No more signing up or being on a wait list to workout.

No more frustration with trying to rush to get to the gym in time for an appointment or class.

At Taylored Training YOU always have a professional coach for every training session!


But wait.


What if you need a little accountability, want to learn how to use a new tool, set a new goal and need more technique coaching and/or support?


How does our Programming Work?

Every 6-8 Weeks you will work on a new program that is aimed to help make your fitness dreams come true!  We have a suite of unique programs to choose from and a team of programmers who are the best in the business.

Learn how to master tools like the kettlebell or TRX, improve your mobility or hit up one of our metabolic programs to work on your fat loss goals!

Our team will help you align with the right program to keep you on the right track.


What If you’re away on vacation or travelling for work?

With over a decade coaching our members to success we have realized that making fitness a habit and part of your lifestyle comes down to being consistent!

When you travel for work or pleasure you can take us with you!

TT Online – Your 24/7 Support

Our members have access to our fully integrated online platform which includes 7 different workouts each week!

When you return to the studio you will be right on track and ready to train with us in person again.



What is the Price?

Yes. We are going to answer this question for you, right here!

 We want to tell you our Pricing unlike most gyms our price is here for you to see. We are proud of what we do!


12 Month Commitment


3 Month Commitment


Fill out the form below to request a 3 week trial with Taylored Training and experience fitness in a completely new way!


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