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A Unique Approach to Personal Training

Our Unique System of Personal Training

At Taylored Training we have created an industry unique solution to make personal training more flexible and more effective!

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*One monthly fee for semi-private personal training sessions*

*No booking and no schedules – train when it is convenient for you*

*You will always have a fitness coach working with you*

*Innovative and effective programming*

*NEVER BE BORED AGAIN! Learn new exercises, tools and new movements*

*You have an ENTIRE team of coaches working for you*

*No hidden fees or up-sells*

*Private online coaching and support groups*

Registration form at bottom of page to sign-up for our 21 Day Trial – see for yourself how Taylored Training can help you achieve your fitness dreams!

**Some restrictions apply – just joking! No restrictions, no obligations, no hidden up-selling fees. Our trial is your chance to discover if Taylored Training is the right place for you!

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There are no sessions to book and  no timelines to fit into, once you arrive at Taylored Training our team of coaches is ready to train you! 

You don’t book a time. You come to train at the time you planned or possibly a few hours later. Maybe the next day. Whenever it is convenient for you our team of expert fitness coaches is there for you. You show up and we will be here to guide you through your training session, motivate you, and help you achieve your fitness dreams!

We believe you should always have a coach – you are a part of our TT community from day one!

You have enough to do in your life. Researching the latest fitness science, training protocols, workouts, and nutrition information is not at the top of your priority list. So when you can find time to head to the gym you just do what you have always done – jump on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical and plug in some headphones. Boring. So you leave after 20 minutes feeling like you didn’t really do anything.

You need a coach. You need a team of people waiting for you, working for you, and supporting your health. And that is exactly what our team of fitness coaches will be for you.

10660268_10152305417122100_3934761448301382657_nEvery time you come to Taylored Training you will have at least one coach there for you. A new workout, great coaching, a supportive team, and constant guidance towards your personal fitness dreams!

At Taylored Training YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!!!

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Our mission is to make your fitness dreams come true – no matter what they might be! Want to run a marathon? Lose body fat? Compete in an adventure race? Play with your grandkids? Compete at the Olympics?

Whatever your fitness goals, Taylored Training is here to provide support, guidance, and a community of like-minded people who want to see you succeed!

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Thank-you for your interest in working with our team. We look forward to meeting you very soon!
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