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Prolapse, pelvic health and pessaries

We are very excited to announce that we are now offering more services to help women improve their pelvic health.


Taylored Training Physiotherapy is the only clinic in Kingston offering pessary fitting and pessary care.


What is Prolapse?

Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when a pelvic organ-such as your bladder-drops (prolapses) from its normal place in your lower belly and pushes against the walls of your vagina. This can happen when the muscles that hold your pelvic organs in place get weak or stretched from childbirth or surgery.Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) remains the most common indication for pessary use with few contraindications. Physicians utilize pessaries as a first-line treatment option for women who desire nonsurgical management or future pregnancy, have early-stage prolapse, or are too frail for surgery. They are also a valid option for those with stress incontinence worsened by strenuous physical activity

What are pessaries?
Pessaries are removable medical devices that are easily inserted into the vagina to reduce the symptoms of a pelvic organ prolapse by supporting the bladder, uterus and rectum. Incontinence pessaries can also be used to support urethra and decrease symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.
Possible benefits of pessaries include decreased symptoms of prolapse, prevention or delaying of surgery, improved stress urinary incontinence, and increased self-confidence and quality of life.
There are many shapes and sizes of pessaries available to suit individual needs: supportive or space-occupying in nature, some designed to address urinary incontinence, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Clinicians choose the type of pessary based on severity of prolapse, presence or absence of a uterus, sexual activity, and concomitant stress urinary incontinence.
Pessaries can be a great adjunct to pelvic floor muscle training and pelvic floor physiotherapy.
How well do they work?
Although pessaries do not cure pelvic organ prolapse they help manage and slow the progression of prolapse. They add support to the vagina and increase tightness of the tissues and muscles of the pelvis. Symptoms improve in many women who use a pessary. And for some women, symptoms go away.
For more information and to answer any questions you might have with regard to pessaries, prolapse of pelvic health care we invite you to email our Lead Physiotherapist ([email protected])  with any additional information that would be helpful for you.

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