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Test your mobility with these 5 self-tests!

Alright. It is test time! We want to see how you move.

So, what’s the importance of improving your mobility and ensuring you can easily perform all of our tests?

Good Mobility will:

#1 – Ensure you FEEL good!

#2 – Help prevent future injuries – DRASTICALLY reducing your risk.

#3 – Help you perform better. Whether it be in a sport or in everyday life!


Here are the 5 Tests as demonstrated and explained by our Taylored Training Physiotherapist Cassie and our TT coaching team!

Mobility Test #1 – The Hands Free Get-up

Mobility Test #2 – How Many Pillow should you sleep with at night?

Mobility Test #3 – The Single leg Balance

Mobility Test #4 – The Toe Touch


Mobility Test #5 – The Shoulder Mobility Drill

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