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Make your fitness dreams come true in 2016!

Whether you are a beginner or have tried everything, this program is going to make your fitness dreams come true!”

– Taylor Simon MSc, BA, CSCS

“The best part of why I train, and eat clean is that I have inspired my children to do so as well.”-Roxanne Gates

“For the first time I actually WANT to come and train.  I actually now enjoy training and look forward to going to the gym.”Eric Fargo

“I have to take a double take when I look in the mirror.”Lesley Kendall

“I never thought I’d love working out this much.”Courtney Murdock

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Welcome to our TT New Year’s Challenge

We are excited to help YOU achieve your fitness dreams!

This 6 week program is the start of your journey. You will become a part of a unique group of people just like you who are determined to make the most of their life! Working together with the support and help of the full Taylored Training team of coaches and specialists, you will have the support, encouragement, accountability, and information you need to conquer your fitness and health dreams!!!!!!

You will be working with others just like yourself and you will work together through the whole process!

Training at Taylored Training in our Team Training program will give your body everything it needs to get stronger, move better, feel better, and start to melt off that stubborn body fat!

Dieting sucks! So how about we skip that part?!!! Instead of being on a restrictive diet that makes you feel like you are living on a different planet we will tweak your current habits! You will be under the guidance of our Taylored Training nutrition program, which is based on creating lasting habits that will be with you long after the 6 week challenge! We will be creating changes and habits that will truly change your relationship with food – in a positive way! The biggest complaint our members have is that they have to eat too much food! And yet they still shed fat like crazy!

And to start it all off you will complete a BONUS week prior to getting into the program full swing! If you have never trained in a studio environment, haven’t trained in a long time, or any other reason you may be nervous to join, this week will give you the skills and encouragement you need to progress in your training with full confidence!

We are VERY excited to meet you and to coach you towards achieving your fitness dreams!!!!

The Details!

Official Start: Monday, January 11th 2016

********BONUS WEEK!!! That’s right! When you register for the program you can start ANYTIME in the new year! We want to ensure you have all the tools, information and inspiration to make your fitness dreams come true.

Fitness Commitment: You will complete a minimum of 4 training sessions every week of the program.

Nutrition Commitment: You will undergo an initial nutrition assessment and then a follow-up session whenever you feel you need it during the program. You will receive a customized nutrition program based on your goals and preferences! No starvation diets here!

We have 2 options:

Option #1 – Unlimited Personal Training

Every session you will have a personal trainer to guide you, challenge you and motivate you! No need to book a time – simply come and train and one of our expert coaches will be waiting to help you!

Cost: $475.00

Option #2 – Unlimited Team Training

Enjoy unlimited access to our team training class program. With 16 sessions a week to fit your schedule, you choose when you train. Each session is led by one of our fitness coaches and specially designed to improve your strength and decrease body fat.

Cost: $ 350.00

Have questions for us?

Contact us via any of our social media channels (links at top of page!) or if you prefer email, head on over to our CONTACT US page and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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Why join?

We are so excited to start this program! Everything we have learned from every success story we have ever had is being used to make this the most fun and effective program we have ever done!

Fitness is all about community. When you have a community that pushes you, supports you, keeps you accountable, and helps you every step of the way, there is truly nothing you cannot accomplish!

We cannot express how amazing all of our community members are and how much we love watching them succeed!

We are very excited to welcome you to our community and to be with you every step of the way as you make all of YOUR fitness dreams come true!!!!

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