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Learn How to Cook

You want some advice when it comes to your nutrition?

Learn how to cook.

Learning new skills drives our growth and self -fulfillment. We know through extensive research that mediation and tasks that require 100% focus make our brains grow and our bodies relax.

What should you eat?

Eating fresh, whole, non-processed foods, keeps our bodies healthy. Spending time with friends and family and enjoying a meal builds and strengthens social bonds that are an innate requirement of being human.


You’re busy. Everyone you know is busy.


If they died – would you go to their funeral? If they had cancer would you spend time with them in the hospital? If they were going to die in a year would you spend more time with them?

Don’t wait for the catastrophe to create the time. Because if those horrific things happened you would make the time, which means you CAN make the time.


This photo is literally the best meal I have ever eaten. Pork sliders from Gordon Ramsay. I literally learned how to do it from a free video on YouTube. Literally FOR FREE! I learned how to make a world-class meal from a world-class chef.

Pork sliders with roasted herb infused parsnips. MMMMM

It took an hour and a half and it will get faster as I practice!!!! I went shopping with my wife to get the ingredients. I met some new people at the shops asking about the ingredients. I focused and relaxed while I cooked and learned my new skills. I chatted with my wife as I plated our dinners. I felt awesome as I watched how much she enjoyed the meal and when I was able to enjoy the meal. I sipped a glass of wine and ate with my wife while my dogs slept on the floor beside us.

All because of cooking.

Yes. You can find a few hours a week to cook. You can. If it was life or death you could.

You can eat well and spend time interacting with your loved ones.

Don’t wait for the catastrophe. Do this now. Not every night but at LEAST try 2 nights a week and make lots so you have awesome meals for the week. #leftoversrock

Copy, paste, and share this message for one reason only – I want you to revisit it in 20 years. THAT is when you will realize the power of this very seemingly simple activity will have on your life.

And the lives of everyone you care about.

-Coach Taylor

Here are some resources to help you out:

1 – Check out the recipes here on our website! A great place to start!

2 – Head to our Taylored Training Pinterest Page – where we’ve posted some delicious recipes!

3 – Search for Gordon Ramsey on youtube – honestly, there are some amazing resources at your fingertips!

4 – Head out for a meal at your favourite restaurant and try to recreate that meal at home! One our TT Members has a favourite pizza at a local restaurant.  She recreated it at home and added in some extra toppings for fun!

5 – Buy a new Cookbook! We recommend Thug Kitchen, anything by Gordon Ramsey and also just cruising a local bookstore one afternoon to find a cookbook that speaks to you!


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