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Our Guarantees

 #1 – We offer the best fitness experience that will produce long-term results. We guarantee it.

If you make the commitment for a 12-month membership we will also make a commitment to you. If you follow your personalized plan and you don’t feel Taylored Training is providing you with the best results, we will part ways after 30 days. We guarantee that we can and we will change the way you experience fitness and we stand behind that promise.


#2 – You will always have access to a coach every time you train. 

Our coaches are dedicated to giving you the support, coaching and help you need. We will provide you with access to a coach every time you train so you can get the best return on your time investment.  We want you to be successful with your fitness goals and will provide you with the help to achieve them!



#3 – You will always have access to the best programming. 

Our program design team offers the most current, research based programming that is created to help you achieve your goals. If you have an injury or need a modification one will be given to you to ensure you are still challenged every training session.

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#4 – You will never pay more than a member who joins after you.

It can be frustrating when you have been a customer for many years and suddenly the company offers a cheaper rate to brand new customers only! We believe that our dedicated members deserve to be treated better than this! As long as you renew your membership with Taylored Training you can rest assured that no one who joins after you will ever pay less than you!









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