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Our Story

The story of Taylored Training starts with Coach Whitney and Coach Taylor, co-owners and partners in business and in life.

It was 2005 and Coach Whitney started ‘frequenting’ Coach Taylor’s fitness classes at a box gym in their local town of Kingston.

Ask Coach Whitney and she will tell you that she was simply helping her roommates get into the best shape of their lives.

Ask Coach Taylor and he described a slightly different story… He would constantly see Coach Whitney in his classes with all her friends, sometimes twice a day and yes, even early on Sunday mornings (back when they used to actually stay up past 9pm).

Coach Whitney has a belief that you have to take risks in life but is also a careful planner, so after much practice, many fitness classes and some gentle pushing from friends, Coach Whitney finally asked Coach T out for a beer after class one night.

And since that one date they’ve been inseperable.



Fast forward to the IDEA fitness conference held in San Diego two years later. At the time Coach Whitney was working at the Queen’s School of Business as the fitness and lifestyle coordinator and Taylor was quickly becoming a popular Kingston trainer, steadily growing his personal training business. On the flight home from San Diego, after an inspirational 4 days and many discussions about how to reach, connect and help more people,  Taylored Training Fitness was created.

The original concept of Taylored Training was a corporate fitness consultancy company designed to not just pay lip service when it came to corporate wellness but to actually foster, create and grow programming to help companies improve their culture and help their employees experience the power of incorporating fitness into their lives.

“Work life balance” was a new concept at that time but very few organizations were able to offer the right programming to help their employees feel their best in order to offer their best both at work and at home.

While they did pivot from this original concept to first open a location in Kingston to better help and service our local community, as Taylored Training hit a decade in October of 2017 there has been a return to corporate training and distance coaching with the creation, expansion and development of TT Online.


 Taylored Training Fitness Studio

Taylor and Whitney knew that mainstream box style gyms just weren’t working; gym members were getting an impersonal experience, classes weren’t effective and personal training was only accessible to an elite few.

Taylored Training was created to completely change the way people experience fitness. Whitney and Taylor believe fitness should be fun, accessible, educational and above all life-changing. Together they created a community of members who enjoy coming to train and truly feel like they belong.

Every time you train at Taylored Training community members work with expert fitness coaches ready to answer questions, give advice, help with a motivational push, and most importantly ensure that training improves their day!

Taylored Training members have no sessions to book, no timeline to fit into, and access to the best programming and coaching EVERY time they train.



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