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Women’s Pelvic Health Ebook

ebookPelvic floor dysfunctions are so incredibly common, but no one likes to talk about it. Most people simply accept that this will be their new normal, not knowing there is actually SO much we can do to improve and oftentimes cure any dysfunction.

As physiotherapists and fitness professionals it became incredibly apparent to us that there were an incredible number of women who were experience pelvic floor issues that they were either embarrassed to talk about or who believed that this was simply their new normal and something they had to just “get used to”. We know that pelvic floor dysfunctions are in fact incredibly common, but they are not normal nor do they have to become so. In fact, many issues can be prevented entirely or at least minimized if more people have the knowledge and education to know what treatments are available to them.

This is why it is so important to us that we open up the dialogue and educate women (and men!) about their pelvic health. We want to help people understand what is normal and what isn’t, what signs to look for, and what can be done when it comes to both their pelvic and overall general health.

Our hope is that this eBook gives you a bit more understanding and knowledge with regards to your pelvic health and gives you the tools necessary to either be proactive or to help resolve or prevent future issues from occurring. Please note however, that this eBook does not replace seeking a medical professional or pelvic health physiotherapist with regards to your pelvic health. In fact, we think it is important that in conjunction with this book you see a qualified pelvic health physiotherapist who can assess and provide you with individualized advice on how to improve or maintain your pelvic function.

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