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Private Fitness Training

Veteran Fitness Coaches Taylor, Vanessa and Whitney have started to open select availability for private training.

Whether you have an injury and have special training considerations, pre/post natal, want to learn and master an advance technical skill (olympic lifting, advanced kettlebell training, boxing, powerlifting, Indian clubs, Bulgarian bag conditioning, steel mace training) these tools require a base level of strength and mobility PLUS advanced coaching and programming.




Perhaps you are intensely training for sport performance?


Maybe you have an injury or special medical condition and need specific care?

Perhaps you want to increase your vertical jump?

Maybe you feel stuck with your fat loss goals and want to work with a personal nutrition and fitness coach?

Perhaps you are pre/post natal and want to start a fitness program with an expert coach?



Non-Member: $65.00/session

Member: $50.00/session

***Note: There is no requirement on a set number of sessions to purchase.

We have opened these options to both Taylored Training community members and non-members but availability is limited.  To apply please fill out our private training registration form below:

Please fill out as much detail as possible so we can get you set up with your program and/or coaching as soon as we can!

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