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Queen’s Student Membership

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Walking distance to Queen’s (574 Princess St)

Unlimited training with no need to sign-up! Work around your schedule and ALWAYS have a coach there to guide you!

Only $270/month

for our Unlimited Training Membership!


Commitment issues? Try us out for 3 weeks, only $79+hst

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Tired of being stared at while working out at the Arc?

Sick of the boring same old workouts?

Find you never seem to hit your fitness goals?

Try out Taylored Training and see how effective and awesome fitness can be!

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As former Queen’s students and Queen’s employees, co-owners Taylor and Whitney have an quuens 2extensive connection and history with Queen’s University.
Recently, we also partnered with the department of Kinesiology to offer an internship program for 4th year students looking to develop their coaching skills and work with our team of expert coaches.
With all of this ‘Queen’s love’ in mind, it seemed like the perfect next ‘fit’ to provide our Queen’s Students will a special membership option!

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**Unlimited Personal Training**

**No sign-ups OR waiting for equipment **

**Unlimited Access and Unlimited Sessions**

**ALWAYS train when it is convenient for you**

**Uniquely designed programming so that you get the most effective workout possible every time you train **

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Queen’s Student Rate: $260/month

*Contract length is until end of the school year

Here are some of our Queen’s student members!

Meet Andjela

Andjela training with Coach Boris!
Andjela training with Coach Boris!

All throughout my life, I have been passionate about athletics and fitness. When I started long distance running at the age of 11, I truly enjoyed sports and activity as an athletic hobby, and was not so much concerned with the health/appearance outcomes of the activities I was participating in. As I grew older and became increasingly involved in cross-country running, I started to experience many of the ‘side-effects’ of high volumes of running. First and foremost, I was very injury prone – I always had shin splints, which eventually lead to tibia fractures. I was also very tiny and skinny, and couldn’t seem to achieve the muscular “fit” appearance that I started to desire as I entered my teenage years. At the time, I was not aware of the fact that running was making it very difficult for me to gain muscle and the lean physique I strived for. As I learned more about fitness, I decided to try out various strength and conditioning exercises, however, I was in no way ready to give up the excessive running. This desire for a toned, strong physique was highly contested with my passion for running, as after hours of running a week, I simply didn’t have the energy to sufficiently partake in strength training. Because I didn’t see any results from the strength training, I gave it up all together and stuck with my beloved running regime. Although running provided me with feelings of accomplishment and pleasure, I still could not ignore the fact that I was doing absolutely nothing to achieve the toned, injury-free body I wanted. Moving forward, I took on an internship at Taylored Training as part of a fourth year Kinesiology internship. It was during my first few workouts at Taylored Training that I realized just how much strength I lacked and how I had been training incorrectly all this time. The high-intensity interval exercises at Taylored Training allow me to get my cardio ‘fix’, but still allow me to build strength. Finding an exercise regime that I absolutely love has offered me an alternative to running that I can actually look forward to. Just the other day I managed to do 15 pushups in a row – major progress from the 1 pushup I could do when I just started training 2 months ago. All this is to say that, although I may have been previously considered fit and athletic simply because I was very active, running did not provide me with a form of fitness that made me feel entirely healthy. Just because an individual is fit and appears thin and healthy does not mean that they do not have their own andjelacontested and complex struggles with health and fitness. As I grow older and gain more experience, I value my health and fitness more in terms of strength goals, instead of simply aesthetic measures of thinness. Everyone who embarks on a fitness journey starts in a different place; however, everyone also has their own goals and struggles that they are dealing with and constantly monitoring. For me, personally, it is overcoming my struggles and watching others overcome theirs that inspires me and motivates me to keep training.




Meet Julia:

“Taylored Training was honestly a lifesaver during my first year of law school. I joined Taylored Training FullSizeRender (1)because I was interested in how they run their training studio (A coach is always available, barefoot training, and functional fitness). I was hooked immediately. Within 2 weeks I was seeing changes, and not just physical changes either (although I won’t complain about those). My mental performance at school was noticeably improved. I was able to sit and focus on readings for longer periods at a

time. My sleep was improving so I was alert in class and could take clear notes on what the professor was saying. Most importantly though, my stress levels dropped drastically. Sometimes when you’re having a rough day, walking through the doors at Taylored Training and having the coaches greet you by name is all you need to make your day better. When you’re stressed, especially during exams, it’s unbelievably nice to go to a team training session where you work so hard and you’re so focused on training that you forget about whatever it is that is stressing you out. My only regret: not joining Taylored Training while doing my undergraduate degree. “


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