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Results and What to Expect

Results and What to Expect

Many of our clients who come to us for help have never tried acupuncture before.  We want to share with you what to expect as well as the results you should see with your treatment package.


First Session

Your first session starts with a discussion about what it is you want the most help with. For a lot of our clients their skin condition can be both frustrating and perhaps embarrassing to talk about, so we want you to feel comfortable.  You will meet with your therapist in a private setting to discuss desired outcomes, treatment options and what is best for you and your skin.


The Treatment

Don’t worry, acupuncture is not painful like many people believe it to be!

Very small and thin acupuncture needles are placed on the face and head, as well as other parts of the body such as the lower legs, feet, arms and hands depending on the area you wish to work on.

Once the tiny needles are inserted they are kept in place for 20-30 minutes, effortlessly removed.

Specialized smooth needles are used on the face to ensure easy, pain-free insertion into delicate areas. Some patients may not feel anything while the needles are in, while others might experience tingling, warmth or a mild sensation of tightness or slight pulling while the needles are in. Most patients tend to drift off into sleep and find the experience relaxing.

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Your Results

Even after your first session you can expect to see improved texture and skin colour with a smoother, brighter and more rested appearance.

A study of 300 cases treated with cosmetic acupuncture. The results were overwhelming with 90 per cent of cases showing marked improvements with one course of treatment (consisting of 10-12 sessions).  After the initial course of treatment, maintenance can be done every 1-3 months with results lasting up to 10 years.

 Note: A customized nutrition plan is also offered to enhance results.


Special Notes for Patients:

Skin Rejuvenation therapy is contraindicated for anyone who:

  • Has a seizure disorder
  • Has uncontrolled hypertension
  • Is taking blood thinning drugs
  • Is pregnant
  • Is an alcoholic or heavy smoker

Before your treatment:

  • Stop taking aspirin or vitamin E for 2 weeks prior to treatment to prevent bruising
  • Come to treatment with clean, makeup-free skin
  • No hot showers, hot tubs, sauna 1 hour before treatment
  • Don’t wear sunscreen to treatment


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