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Robin’s Story

“As a new physician I often use the information that I received at TT to inspire my patients.” – Robin

It’s been almost a month since I’ve left Kingston, and I amcertainly missing such great workout pals and staff.

I originally came to TT because I was looking to increase my fitness and feel better in my own skin. I was starting to feel a little “soft”but didn’t really know where to start and thought that I hated gyms.  A friend had had a good experience withTaylor’s bootcamps, so I thought I would give group-training a go. That was over 3 years ago.

Robin working hard during an outdoor training session.

Robin working hard during an outdoor training session.
Robin working hard during an outdoor training session.

Currently, my goal is to maintain and work on my pipes!My new workout partner is my brother and just the other day he commented on my“meaty” traps, which made me feel very proud. Unfortunately, I have just moved and had to leave Taylored Training, but I’m confident that repeating thephysique challenge and using the training and inspiration I received at TT will allow me to accomplish both of these!

I have fun at Taylored Training, I always look forward to returning, I don’t feel bored or discouraged at any point. I appreciate the personal coaching, even when I was doing group training, and the variety keeps my harried brain well-occupied.


3 words to describe what it’s like to work out at Taylored Training:

1- Satisfying

2- Fun

3- Challenging

The experts at Taylored Training have also helped me in my professional life. Throughout my family medicine residency and now as a new independent physician, I often use information that I initially received fromTT to inform and (try to) inspire patients. I’ve had two patients so far that were able to improve their blood glucose from diabetic range to normal (tracked over the course of residency) using nutrition advice thatI first learned at TT and further researched myself. So, TT has not only helped me become healthier, but some of my patients have and will benefit too!

– Robin


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