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Sunday, September 22nd Pre/Post Natal Seminar

“Pre/Post Natal Fitness, Nutrition and Pelvic Health; Let’s Talk about it!”


Join TT Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Cassie Dionne MSc. PT


TT Head Coach Vanessa Cooper MSc.,BKin to talk about fitness, nutrition, pregnancy and pelvic health!

What changes to your body should you expect before and after your delivery?


Are there things you can do to improve your delivery outcome and prevent tearing during your labour? *good news the answer is yes!


How have the current Canadian Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines changed and what is both safe & effective pre/post baby?


When will you feel “normal” again and when it is ok to start exercising after your delivery?


What should you eat, how many calories do you need both before and after your pregnancy?

When is it normal when it comes to sex both before and after?

We want to share our expertise and advice on all the topics that have commonly NOT been talked about!
It’s time to talk about all aspects of women’s health especially during one of the most challenging, exciting and turbulent times in a woman’s life!
Join us!

Our Seminar starts at 10am on Sunday, September 22nd and complimentary parking is located directly beside our studio/clinic location.


In this seminar you will learn:

  • Strategies and options to help prepare for your delivery & for a successful post delivery recovery

  • What changes you can expect to your anatomy and physiology as well as your pelvic floor health

  • Fitness, nutrition and mobility work that will help you feel your very best both pre/post natal

***Space is limited, so we ask that you please register!

Thank-you for your interest in our seminar! We are very excited to meet you and look forward to hosting you on Sunday, September 22nd!

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