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Strong As a Mother

It’s hard to know how to train your body to get results but in a safe and effective way.

Join us for a special training program designed for Mom’s and Mom’s to-be in a safe, supportive, encouraging and inspiring environment.

We have been training women pre and post pregnancy at Taylored Training for over a decade and we know that Mom’s need quality training, nutrition and lifestyle expertise!

“I Trained before and after the delivery of my first baby and felt stronger and ready to tackle the challenges ahead!”

– Heather Burns

Our program welcomes both Mom’s and babies, as we know Mom-life can be challenging, and scheduling time for your training can seem almost impossible! Our program, designed by our expert team of physiotherapists, movement specialists and fitness/nutrition coaches will make you feel confident that you are getting stronger and losing weight in a safe way. With the right combination of fitness, nutrition and movement work, we look forward to helping our Mom’s feel ‘stronger and more confident!

Why should you join us?

  • Get stronger and learn daily habits of how to carry, pickup, lift your baby without compromising your recovery
  • Learn recovery techniques and exercises that you can easily incorporate to alleviate any past/current pain, tightness or soreness
  • Feel better physically and emotionally
  • SLEEP!!! Learn how improve the quality of your sleep (even if you are at the stage when feel like you are just not getting enough!
  • Sweat out the stress! Being a Mom comes with stress, feeling tired and overwhelmed; use a workout to make you feel better *while this might seem cliche it is true!
  • Enjoy quality mom and baby time! Train with your little one and teach them the habit and importance of exercise and taking care of yourself at an early age!
  • Meet some great new supportive friends and surround yourself with other women going through the same thoughts, concerns and mindset!

Ask yourself this.

When you’ve done something for yourself how does that effect the rest of your day?

Is your mood better? Are you calmer? Less rushed?

Self-care is about improving the way you feel so you can take care of the ones you love!

Program Features:

  • 2 Training sessions each week with a fitness coach ready to help you every step of the way!
  • Private Facebook forum for 24/7 nutrition, movement, injury and fitness coaching and support!
  • Private, Online and Drop-in options are available!

Training Session Times: Tuesday & Thursday 1pm-2pm

  • Complimentary Parking for quick and easy access
  • Multiple Change room facilities available
  • Clean, comfortable and supportive environment
  • Monthly Package options OR drop-in
Post workout selfies never looked so cute!!!


$120.00 for 8 training sessions

Optional $20.00/session drop-in

Join us for our Strong as a Mother Program! We look forward to working with you!

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