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Are you a high school student looking to learn how to train this Summer?

Meet two of your Fitness Coaches: Coach Janine and Coach Vanessa!

We are passionate about helping students lean about how to train, how to eat and how to build life long habits when it comes to taking care of their health!

Meet some of our AWESOME current and past student members!

Do you have injuries that have prevented you from training in the past?

“I train because exercising everyday has allowed me to be the best version of myself! 

While I’ve lived with CRPS/RSD (chronic neuropathic pain) for several years, upon the successful implantation of a spinal cord stimulator to help manage my pain, I decided to take charge of my health and lead a more active life. I began by acquainting myself with cardio workouts and quickly found I was really passionate about setting and meeting personal fitness goals.

Truthfully, I only started training at Taylored because I was too lazy to clean snow off my car everyday in order to get to my previous gym during the winter months; I assumed that my experience would be temporary but could not have been more wrong! Within weeks of joining Taylored, I became incredibly invested in strength training and, with the help of the phenomenal trainers, I was trying exercises I never thought were possible. I committed to going every weekday to get my money’s worth out of the membership and shortly discovered that going to the gym was not a task or obstacle, but a fulfilling and fun experience.

Getting in shape has given me a profound sense of confidence and helped me to lead a far more balanced life. While there is much to be said about the innovative, research-based programming, my Taylored experience has truly been shaped by the amazing community this gym facilitates. Every member that I’ve come across is incredibly positive, fun, and supportive – while they often push me harder than the trainers, their encouragement drives me to do better everyday!

From Taylor and Whitney, Cassie and the physio crew, to all the lovely trainers and members, I can’t thank you enough for a what has been one of the best years of my life! I look forward to learning and sweating more in the months to come! ”

Becky Wallace

Are you new to training?

“I started training at Taylored when I was 16 and was totally new to the fitness world. However, I think that inexperience is what made my experience so amazing, because they completely shaped and guided my perception on health and fitness that I still carry with me today. The coaching team taught me everything from the ground up, whether that was something as big as nutrition, goal setting, programs, and form, or as small as what equipment was called or the name of an exercise, it was all thoroughly taught to me. Most importantly they did it all while making me feel I was nothing short of completely capable. As young person, potentially never having worked out at a gym in your life I understand why that would be intimidating or even terrifying, but the community of Taylored is friendly, collaborative, and so fun. You will get stronger and healthier, and build some friendships and have a ton of laughs along the way. And if you’re like me, in a few years you’ll be begging them to open a location in your university town.

– Caroline Reid

Are you a student looking to get more energy, decrease your stress, sleep better and feel better?

I started at Taylored Training because I was interested in how they run their training studio (A coach is always available, barefoot training, and functional fitness). I was hooked immediately. Within 2 weeks I was seeing changes, and not just physical changes either (although I won’t complain about those). My mental performance at school was noticeably improved. I was able to sit and focus on readings for longer periods at a time. My sleep was improving so I was alert in class and could take clear notes on what the professor was saying. Most importantly though, my stress levels dropped drastically. Sometimes when you’re having a rough day, walking through the doors at Taylored Training and having the coaches greet you by name is all you need to make your day better. When you’re stressed, especially during exams, it’s unbelievably nice to go to a training session where you work so hard and you’re so focused on training that you forget about whatever it is that is stressing you out. 

My only regret: not joining Taylored Training sooner.

-Julia Moote

Are you a high school or university student athlete wanting to improve your sport performance?

I trained at Taylored Training for the summer before going away to school on scholarship at the University of Texas for varsity rowing. It is an incredibly motivating atmosphere. From the coaches to the other people training, they always challenge me to push my limits. Everyone is so positive and encouraging. No matter what level you are at, everyone is supportive. It is also very intense, and I love that.

At other gyms, I went from each exercise in my program and probably never achieved my full potential because I never pushed myself.  At TT, the coaches motivated and challenged me. I set goals for myself while training there this summer that I thought were only merely possible and yet I was able to surpass those goals by way more than I anticipated.

I would recommend TT to any athlete who wants to take their athletic performance to the next level. If you put in the hard work, you will get the results you want!

I am now a Division 1 student-athlete training 20-25 hours a week. TT prepared me so that I could be successful here.


– Sarah Cadman

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