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The Taylored Training Difference

At Taylored Training we are committed to changing the way fitness is done.

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After being involved in mainstream fitness, owners Taylor and Whitney decided there needed to be a change. Members were getting a non-personal experience that was more concerned with up-selling than with providing the absolute best fitness and health coaching in the world.

Taylored Training was created to completely change the way people experience fitness. Fitness should be fun, accessible, educational and above all life-changing. Taylor and Whitney wanted to create a community of members who enjoyed coming to train and truly felt like they belonged.

When you walk into a fitness facility the flashing lights and slick sales people get you excited, committed, and hooked. You’re stoked and ready to change your body and your life.

Ready to hit your first workout, you get changed, pack your bag, and head to your new super fitness facility. BAM!!! Everything is different. No one is there to greet you. No one is showing you what to do. The regular members are giving you the look; here comes the next failure. The only people paying attention to you are the fresh new trainers salivating over your pocket book potential and the somewhat creepy dude sitting at the back of the room staring at your ass.

You realize that this is not what you were promised and not a conducive environment to helping you hit your health and fitness goals!

Taylored Training, Changing the way fitness is done:

*No hidden costs.

*No add-on fees.

*Access to unlimited coaching; there is always a coach on the floor ready to assist you.

*Access to elite training programming.

*Work with professionals.

*Proven results.

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Every time you train at Taylored Training you will have a fitness coach to answer your questions, give you advice, help with a little motivational push, and make sure that your time at the studio is the best part of your day! Our members will greet you and help you out as well! There are no sessions to book, no timeline to fit into, no complex programming templates to memorize.

We are here to help you make your fitness dreams come true! 


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