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Theresa’s Story

“I train because many years ago I didn’t have to train. Exercising was a part of my daily life. I took it for granted. Then life got in the way.” – Theresa

Responsibilities added up, work became demanding, kids sucked the energy out of me, driving was easier than walking or biking. One day, my clothes didn’t fit -even some of the stretchy ones… And I’m too cheap to buy new clothes because, dammit, those clothes hanging in my closet ARE PERFECTLY FINE! There is nothing wrong with the clothes, so I must do something about myself.


I train because I want to fit those clothes.

I train because I want to look like the profile picture on my LinkedIn page

I train because it makes me feel better about myself

I train because it gives me a natural high and reminds me that I’m a competent and capable person

I train because I don’t want to grow old still thinking that ‘one day, I’ll feel like I did when I was in shape’

I train because my husband doesn’t and my kids are still young enough that they need one of us around

I train because I love the outdoors and want to experience it in all its glory — skiing, hiking, having snowball fights and swimming, just to name a few

I train because no one can do it for me

I train because I owe it to my kids

I train because I owe it to myself



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