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Are you training for an obstacle course race? A triathlon or marathon? Perhaps you would like to enter into a powerlifting competition as a new goal? Maybe you’ve always wanted to do a pull-up, chin-up or 50 pushups in a row?

Whatever your specific goal may be, our team of programmers are ready to build you the ultimate program!

We will continue to create unique and innovative program for ALL of our members EVERY week!!!

And those programs are truly all you need to ensure that you live a long, healthy, successful life (at least from a fitness perspective!!!!!).

Your custom program will be built specifically for you and for the goal you have chosen.

Cost will vary based on the complexity of the program.  Programs will run between 8 and 12 weeks and range in price from $150 to $600 dollars.

Want to go to the Olympics? Think top end of the scale. Want to be able to do a pull-up? Think lower end of the scale.

You will still have access to our full team of coaches each and every time you train at the facility!!!!! It will be just like what you are used to on the coaching floor you will just have a custom program you are following instead of the boards!!!!

We are excited to help you change the way you eat which will ultimately change the way you look and feel! Say good-bye to restrictive, calorie counting diets for good.
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