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TT Fall Training Program

TT Fall Training Program

This 8 week Challenge will focus on how to reset your habits, improve the way you feel and work on how to stay consistent with the additions that you make to your lifestyle.


Here is what some of our members from our last program (Spring ’18) had to say!


“This program dramatically changed the way I look (I keep getting compliments!) but also the way I eat, the way I sleep and how consistent I now am with my training. I feel amazing!


“One of my favourite ‘challenges’! I’m all ready for summer and will carry forward the ideas you shared! I have learned that I think I need to hire Taylor as my personal family chef for the next few years…”


“Simply awesome”


“This challenge has completed change the way I eat and my commitment to training.  It got me back on track!”


“Training sessions were 30-45minutes BUT the most effective workouts I’ve ever done for fatloss!!”

Course Content:

Fasting, Food choices and Fermentation; how the big three have a dramatic impact on fat loss

Kettlebell/TRX/Vipr training for Fat loss; learn the most effective training for the best results

How to reclaim your mobility and move better

Why you are stuck with your fatloss and how your sleep, stress and hormones are holding you back!


PROGRAM DATES: September 10th – November 3rd

Our 8 Week program includes:

*A private pre-program nutrition coaching session*

*Our speciality “TT Fall Training Program”

* A Weekly Nutrition Challenge *

* A Weekly Training Challenge *

*A Weekly Mobility Challenge *

  • * 8 Weeks UNLIMITED training  and access *


Please Note: We do have a very limited number of spots available.

Program Price: $675.00

Thank you for your interest! Simply complete this registration form and we will contact you within 24 hours to secure your spot!
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