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TT Kick Start Program!

Do you feel lost when it comes to your workouts?


Do you have an injury and are nervous to hurt yourself?


Do you need to find some new motivation for your fitness?



***This January we want you to start your year off with confidence in what you will accomplish in 2018!

Join our team of experts in fat loss, nutrition, movement, biomechanics, strength & conditioning, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


TT Fitness Coaches Janine and Vanessa


Here is what we want to tell you. You are not alone.

We have many members who have come to us because they are nervous, frustrated and want to start a program that will help them feel better and not leave them feeling too sore, exhausted and like they are in constant competition to ‘keep-up’.

Anyone can give you a workout, but we want to help guide you at YOUR own pace, challenge your strength and fitness for YOUR goals and help you feel better, move better, train better and ultimately live better!




This is what you might think fitness is and we don’t blame you for not wanting to join.








We have a Different Approach.


Fitness should make your body feel good and we are here to coach you, support you and guide you to a new approach to fitness!

TT Coach Janine with TT Member Cindy

Don’t get us wrong. We like to challenge our members but it’s important to challenge your fitness in a way that makes training fun, sustainable and actually helps you move better, versus being stranded on the couch for days in pain.

Speaking of pain.  You don’t have to just “push through it”. Because we all know that’s not fun!

Our in house physiotherapy  team work together with our fitness coaching team in order to give you the best programming, coaching and advice if you are working through movement restrictions and/or injury.

Confused about your nutrition?  We don’t blame you!  With the onslaught of mixed messages it is extremely hard to figure out fact versus fad. You just want to find a plan that isn’t restrictive and helps you feel good and doesn’t require a sea of endless Tupperware! We understand.





Here is what is included in our Kick Start Program:

A FULL 3 week Taylored Training Trial Experience including unlimited training with our team of coaches. You will always have a program and a coach to assist you, each and every time you train!

A scheduled personal training session with one of our 5 seasoned Fitness Experts. 

A nutrition consultation with one of our 2 Nutrition Coaches

A Full Movement Assessment with our Physiotherapy Team to asses your movement, flexibility, strength and fitness

*Click here to find out more details

Cost: $129.00 

Ready to Start feeling better?

Thank-you for your interest in Taylored Training Fitness. We are very excited to meet you and help make your fitness dreams come true! We look forward to meeting you very soon!

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