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TT Private Fitness Coaching

Sometimes we all need a check-in to make sure we are on track with our form and technique!

Maybe you need a little extra help with a specific exercise or movement or have some specific questions on a certain exercise?

We are here to help coach you to move better, feel better and train better!

Our private fitness coaches sessions are a chance to spend one on one time with a fitness coach to help you with anything specific to your needs in order to help you master your movement!

Perhaps you want some extra coaching with your kettlebell swing? Or a chance to work more on your vipr movement work? Perhaps you are trying to increase your deadlift or squat weight and want some helpful tips specific to your technique?


Our private fitness coaching sessions are available for TT Members to purchase at anytime during their membership!



Learn how to use Kettlebells to boost your strength and fatloss results with Coach Whitney

  • Master some of the most challenging strength moves like the turkish get-up, 1 arm press and goblet squat
  • Learn power moves like the swing, snatch, jerk and clean
  • Learn some of the coolest stuff you’ve ever seen with a kettlebell! Flows, flips and dragon tail whips!


Boxing and Kickboxing with Coach Vanessa

  • Learn proper form and technique with the jab, cross, hook, uppercut, knee and kick
  • Private session to review a variety of unique combinations one on one with your boxing coach


Gymnastics/Body Weight Skillz


  • Learn how to master bodyweight skills like  handstands, pistol squats, knee, jumps and jump rope
  • Coach Janine will give you the coaching and proper progressions to master any move you want to conquer!




$300/session with Coach Taylor

Please fill out as much detail as possible so we can get you set up with your program and/or coaching as soon as we can!

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