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Tuesday, June 25th Physio Clinic!

“Debunking the biggest myths about injuries”

Join TT Physiotherapists Cassie Dionne MSc. PT and Lindsay Seale MSc. PT

for a special seminar to get answers to your injury and movement questions!

Should you ice or heat an acute injury?


Is it normal to feel sore after you train or play your sport?


Should everyone foam roll?


Do you really need to stretch and/warm-up before you play every game?


Is it normal to feel more stiff in the morning as we age?


Do you want to prevent injuries from happening this Summer and improve your performance on the field, court or just have more energy and flexibility? 

Join us at!

Clinic starts at 7pm and complimentary parking is located directly beside our studio location.


In this seminar you will learn:

  • The most current research when it comes to injury treatment, movement and recovery
  • The BEST exercises to improve your movement and sport performance
  • The BEST exercises for cool down and recovery
  • Seminar includes a FREE Mobility tool; our MOST popular tool you can use everyday to improve your movement!

***Space is limited, so we ask that you please register!

Thank-you for your interest in our seminar! We are very excited to meet you and look forward to hosting you on Tuesday, June 25th!

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