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Welcome to the Warrior Academy, the newest brainchild of Master Coach Taylor Simon.

The more fitness knowledge advances the more it becomes clear that the last 50 years have undone the last 5000, maybe 20,000, years of human fitness. Our modern focus on the aesthetic over strength and function has permeated modern training to the detriment of our population’s fitness.

While Taylored Training strives every day to bring the most recent knowledge and practice to our members there is a limit to the tools and techniques we are able to employ. Training tools such as the mace, kettlebell, and Bulgarian bag are truly awesome for strength and conditioning, however, they have a steep learning curve that requires focus and dedication in addition to long-term repetition.

For the majority of people we focus on training tools and methods that are, 1) easy to learn, 2) effective, 3) have substantial variety, and 4) are self-limiting (meaning you will get too tired to continue before the risk of injury elevates). However, there are a plethora of training tools and techniques that given the proper training and practice truly maximize what the human body is capable of achieving.

Enter the Warrior Academy.

What is the Warrior Academy?


The focus of the Academy is to teach the basic techniques of many novel and ancient training tools. This includes the mace, the jump rope, the kettlebell, the Bulgarian bag, your own bodyweight, and basic explosive movements such as jumping and sprinting.

You will be training alongside your advanced coaching team as we strive to push forward what fitness is capable of offering.

The goal is to build strength and resiliency not to just focus on physical appearance and weight targets. Warrior Academy students will work with senior coaches to develop skills and physical aptitudes that will change the way your body moves and feels, as well as dramatically increasing strength.

Training sessions won’t always be new or exciting. They will have repetition and a lot of practice requirements. That is one of the missing components of so many modern fitness programs: repetition. We are a society focused on variety and the latest and greatest that we rarely maximize our potential. Repetition and practice are the cornerstone of advanced training and movement.

Will you still have great workouts? Of course! In fact it just might surprise you how effective this training will be. Will the training sessions be very different than what you are used to? Absolutely. Not only the tools and techniques being employed will be different but also the format of the training program itself will be dramatically different.

The focus of the Warrior Academy will be on training the body through movement and then adding challenge to those movements. The ancient training tools being employed were developed exactly around that concept. It was never about training specific parts of the body and that is something we must step back from to allow our focus to shift to challenging how we move and improving upon those movements.

The challenge is that this style of training requires more practice, more repetition, and more focus. At times you might find your training frustrating and at other times boring.

BUT when it comes together your body will MOVE better, FEEL better, be STRONGER, and have a greater connection with your mind.


Why the academy


While our goal is always to bring the very best fitness has to offer to all of our members, we recognize that there is a point where the risk reward ratio skews in the wrong direction.

Why do we not do bench press or Olympic lifting? The risk of injury from those activities does not justify the reward garnered from those activities. If we can make people as strong and fit utilizing equipment and exercises that have a lower injury risk we tend to default to those modalities.

When we look at tools such as the mace, the Bulgarian bag, and advanced kettlebell work the risk to reward ratio is skewed far more towards risk than battle ropes and Turkish get-ups. While we believe that the mace is an awesome training tool for the human body it can only be taught to people who are ready and willing to put in the time to learning the tool and the skills.

There are other ways to achieve similar results that carry less risk.

The mace and Bulgarian bags in addition to the advanced movement flows and requirements that will be found in the Warrior Program require advanced skill learning. We must filter out those who truly want to master these skills.


How do we do that?


First, we create a fee filter. Purchasing the equipment, learning the equipment, researching new techniques, and long term program development takes a lot of resources. Creating a fee for the academy means that only people who are truly serious about learning are going to participate.

Second, we write out epic explanations of what the program is. If you are still reading this, then you are most likely exactly who we believe will excel within the academy and as an academy graduate. The same reason we do not have a phone number for the business, it filters out people who do not have the intent or true commitment.

Thirdly, to enter the academy you must be a Taylored Training member and you must have been actively training with us for a minimum of three months. This ensures us that the basic movements have been learned and that a base level of strength and conditioning has been established.

Lastly, this will be a limited availability program. We will only allow people entry into the academy twice a year and after the first class enters we will have very limited spaces available. The Warrior Academy is designed to improve your physical skills and abilities at an advanced level.


You will be stronger, fitter, and more resilient than you ever have in your life. However, it is going to be hard work and a learning curve.

How does the Warrior Academy work?


When you choose to apply to the Warrior Academy you are entering into Coach Taylor’s testing grounds. The graduates of the academy will always be on the forefront of our continual efforts to push the fitness industry forward.



Academy tuition is a one-time fee of $375.

Custom Programming

Students and graduates will work directly with Coach Taylor and the program design team with new skill curriculum and regular custom designed and exclusive training sessions and programs.

What will these look like? It is going to be a never ending and always evolving fitness program. What you can be sure of is that you will be using more complicated equipment, mastering more advanced skills, and always pushing your strength and fitness forward.

For as long as you are a Taylored Training member you will be a part of the Warrior Academy and will have custom programming in addition to the regular Taylored Training programming. There will be periods when you have one or two training sessions a week and there will be times when we embark on special multi-week long programs. You’re advanced skills and training mean that the risk/reward ratio will be different than other people who participate in fitness programs allowing us to push forward the entire fitness industry.


*Taylored Training member for a minimum of 3 months

*Desire and willingness to focus and learn new skills

*Approval of Coach Taylor


The Academy

We will start with basic skill development with the oldest tools in fitness, such as the mace, Bulgarian bag, kettlebell, jump rope, atlas stones, heavy things, and your own body. As the years progress any new equipment brought into Taylored Training will be tested on Warrior Academy students and graduates.

You will train under the tutelage of the senior coaches, Taylor, Whitney, and Vanessa, often training with them. We will organize group sessions, mini-seminars, and host a private facebook group for discussion and learning.

Once the basic skills on the mace, Bulgarian bag, jump rope, sprinting, and advanced kettlebell movements have been mastered you will be considered a graduate of the academy. From there you will have customized training programs as Coach Taylor and the senior team create them. For as long as you are a Taylored Training member.

The basic Warrior Academy equipment


The Kettlebell


The modern kettlebell has roots in Russian strength training dating back to the early 1700’s. However, kettlebell-like tools have been used in strength and fitness training as far back as the classical Greek’s (then called a Haltere). Essentially a kettlebell is a weight with a single handle that is moved through arcs as a form of training and has appeared for thousands of years in human history.

While you may have used a kettlebell hundreds of times at the studio, you have never actually used a kettlebell. The advanced kettlebell movements are so challenging and difficult that we have rarely, if ever, programmed them. The learning curve is simply too steep. That is about to change for you!



The Mace

Used since 3600 BCE as a weapon by the Egyptians and more commonly later by the Indian armies as both a training tool and a weapon. They were also used extensively in pre-Columbian America and Eastern Europe. This weapon was effective and deadly and has been used throughout history as a training tool and in battle.

The movements of the mace play with the laws of physics in a way that will send your strength, mobility, and power through the roof.


The Bulgarian Bag

The bag in it’s current iteration has only entered the world of health and fitness since 2005, however it is based on the physical demands of farmers and shepherds throughout recorded history and in particular from medieval Bulgaria. It mimics the need of shepherds to be carrying young and full sized animals over their shoulder across diverse terrain and varying distance.

Once using the bag it is very easy to understand its value. Grip strength and upper body strength must be employed in conjunction with powerful lower body movements with this tool that is always offset and always on the move. Coach Taylor’s favourite new training discovery!


The Atlas Stone

Historically called lifting stones, the atlas stone has made its name in modern day strongman competitions. While the recorded history of training with lifting stones dates back to 800 C.E. throughout Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, and the Scandinavian region. It is not hard to imagine that the skill of being able to lift heavy objects like stones and logs is something that has been a part of human history from our beginnings.


The Body

This beautiful training tool has been around for tens of thousands of years. Pull-ups are the most easily recognizable body weight training movement, however, climbing trees, monkey bars, rope climbing, and a host of other advanced movements require the mastery of our own body weight.


The Jump Rope

While first seen within Egyptian cultures and various Chinese cultures of the same era, modern jump rope is attributed to the Dutch circa 1600 C.E. It was used primarily to display physical prowess and in competitions as there is no recorded use of this tool for warfare.

There are very few tools in the world of fitness that are as well rounded as the jump rope. Your strength, power, coordination, and cardiovascular conditioning are all dramatically enhanced by training with this seemingly simple device.


The Sprint

First seen in the Olympics around 776 B.C.E, where the 200 meter distance is thought to have been the only event, sprinting competitions have been a staple of physical prowess throughout human history. Before then we can only imagine the need for explosive speed as a method of hunting, warfare, and defense.

Long-distance running may be currently culturally popular, however, it is not a physiologically beneficial activity. Short distance sprinting builds strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness far more efficiently and at much higher levels. It is a full body power exercise that humans should remain proficient in throughout their lives.


Indian Clubs

Actually originating in Persia and called meels, these training tools have been employed by various athletes, most notably wrestlers for thousands of years. They were introduced to western cultures in the early 1800’s and have been a hidden staple of many training programs since then, including police and military training.

While seemingly light and simple, they require very complex neurological patterning and are masterful at enhancing mobility and strength.


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