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What is Fitness at Taylored Training

What is Taylored Training All About?


The fitness industry is a mess. The vast majority of trainers and coaches do not truly understand what they are talking about and simply regurgitate fitness advice and programs from that last 20 years that have remained unchanged since the advent of gyms.


It isn’t working. People are not getting healthier, they are not moving better, they are not living the best life they possibly can.


Taylored Training has evolved a lot over the last 12 years and we actually do thing differently that everybody else.


Our focus isn’t on weight loss or how ripped you can get so you can post a flashy picture on Instagram. To be sure many of our members have amazing weight loss success and everyone sees changes to their physique within a few weeks!


That isn’t the point of life and that isn’t the purpose behind our training. Those outcomes are merely by-products of great fitness.


Today people have a hard time simply moving and most people experience chronic pain, discomfort, injury, stiffness, or some combination of those conditions. Yet most fitness programs treat these ailments as a secondary issue to work on.




Our goal is to help you feel better.


To move better. To be pain free. To feel strong. To be able to do whatever you want in life, be it climbing a mountain, picking up your kids or grandkids, running a race, or simply getting up and off a couch easily.


Not for the next 3 weeks but for the rest of your life.


Our 100% focus is making sure that your body feels good, moves well, and becomes stronger now and into the future. We aren’t a 4 week fitness plan to fit into a smaller size. Those programs and those trainers are doing you a huge disservice.


We will have you moving better than you have ever moved in your life, be more energtic than you have ever been in your life, stronger than you have ever been in your life, and feeling better in your skin than you have ever felt in your life.


You don’t even know how good you can feel.


We want to show you.


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